Slim Fit Appropriate Costume

The combination of pieces chosen for this week in addition to beautiful, shows an exceptional elegance by opting only for clothes with trim slim without any exaggeration, especially when we know that one of the most frequent sins who is a fan of this kind of fit is over using the items more righteous than […]


Skin Problems During Pregnancy

What to do to prevent skin problems during pregnancy? During pregnancy a lot of hormonal changes take place.These changes are also clearly visible to the outside and most strongly to the skin.Many pregnant women formally shine.The skin looks younger, fresher and rosy, the hair grows and shines magnificently and the nails are strong and look […]


Baseball Caps: Hot Trend!

The baseball caps are making head of various fashionistas and trendsetters of the moment and aretotal hot trend to make the look more cheerful, modern and stripped. Baseball caps were already a hitin the 90’s and went well beyond use in baseball and baseball games. They have resurfaced with full force, within the trend of sportswear that has been gaining strength in the fashion scene, as a very stylish accessory […]


Waterproof Tents

Camping in the rain may not be fun for many people. But camping in the rain and water inside the tent is not fun for anybody. When we choose a tent, there are some important factors that must be observed to keep zebra at the time of rain. Gives the tips below: ________________________________________ Water column […]


All Kinds of Pearls For You

Necklaces, earrings or Pearl bracelets. Wonderful jewelry and steeped in tradition. The pearls are a legacy of jewelry for women, since there is no men’s jewelry with stone. In addition, there are several types of it, some smaller, some larger, rounder, compridinhas, etc. All of them are formed on the inside of oysters, in salt water, or mussels, […]


Makeup With Aquacolores

For fantasy make-up, are frequently used the aquacolores or make-up water. They are fast working products, that confer a high coverage and a very vibrant colors.


Shopping Under Pressure

The feeling limps me at Limango, Vente-Privee and Co… the so-called shopping clubs. I have completely condemned this kind of shopping.


From Jewelry to Make!

Christmas is one of the most special occasions of the year.To celebrate this date with great shine and style, we prepared a guide of the jewelry to the make according to the environment of each party.