Microsoft's Most Popular Mobile Is No Longer from 2013

Nokia Lumia 520 have ruled as the most widely used Windows Mobile in three years. Now it is finally over.
Nokia has for a long time, and since Microsoft’s, budget star Lumia 520 has been the most popular mobile Windows Phone platform can perform.
It is clear from the marketing company AdDuplex recently used Windows smartphones, figures that indicate that Lumia 520 now is the second most used Lumia-mobile-just after the successor from Microsoft, Lumia 535.
Lumia 520 debuted in april 2013, and was then fast known as a good buy for the money, since the supplied Honorable performance in a market characterized by often blunt and austere budget mobiles.
Thus is Nokia’s Lumia 520 probably the smartphone that has remained most popular among some mobile manufacturer.
Replacement models’ weak progress confirms earlier reports that the prevalence of Windows smartphones has gone completely to a halt.

Windows 10 smartphones is completely gone

Although Microsoft’s Windows 10 smartphones debuted six months ago, included none of the current models in the Top 10′ a Windows devices. AdDuplex latest figures indicate here that only 9.2 percent of Windows phones running the latest software while Windows Phone 8.1 continue to dominate with 79,1%.
It is, however, a bright spot for Windows 10 distribution, that several of the most widely used windows phones today can be upgraded to Microsoft.
Today, you can install Windows 10 on the following Windows smartphones: Lumia 1520, 830, 930, Lumia Lumia Lumia 735, 730, Lumia 640 XL Lumia, Lumia 640, Lumia 635 (1 GB RAM), 535, 540, Lumia Lumia Lumia 532, Lumia 435 and Lumia 430.