10 Bags For You to Sweep the Look

Find out where to find and check out the average price of the top 10 currently on the move

Regardless of the model, the bag is an indispensable accessory for the composition of any feminine look. We selected the top 10 models of handbags and clutches that are up for grabs in summer 2013.

The plastified effect returns to summer 2013. Invest in varnish pouch models combining with neutral fabrics to harmonize the look.

The neon colors are trend for next season.Combine fluorine accessories with neutral parts to make the look look balanced.

The clutch is undoubtedly an accessory that complements the look.The models with the theme of animals, books and objects are on the rise.Combine the fun clutch with neutral clothes like a black dress , for example.

The tote model is nothing more than the tote bag, which can be found in various materials.Ideal for day-to-day use, in addition to being versatile, this is a handbag model that suits a variety of looks.

The envelope portfolio model continues to rise.Bet on models with fluo details or pastel shades to tear down summer 2013.

Bags inspired by famous brands have made possible the dreams of almost all women to have their own it bag.The trend of the moment is the mini bags inspired.Because it is a more delicate model it can be used both in day-to-day and in special events.

The bicolor fashion came with the classic combination of black and white.However, today it has become democratized and promises to make the women look for the next season.

Add sophistication to neutral looks with metallic accents.The metallic tones promise to leave the productions more glamorous for the next season.

The trend of sugary tones also invades the world of accessories.A good way to leave the delicate look is to combine pastel accessories with neutral looks.

The Balenciaga handbag has become a classic model that combines with several looks.If you are willing to invest in an it bag, this may be a good option.

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July 27, 2017

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