10 Phrases You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Hormonal swings, weight gain, growing belly. For the sake of the pregnant woman, the most unpleasant that a pregnant woman can hear. Pregnancy is not easy-and, believe me, it gets worse each time any of the 10 sentences below is said to everyone is bald of knowing that pregnancy is a period of change for women. And, it’s a delicious expect a baby, certain process steps can be literally a challenge-keep your weight under control, for example. Eventually, superíntimas decisions, which should be discussed exclusively between the parents, also saw the family lunch, the wheel at happy hour … boring, huh? To the overall happiness of the pregnant woman, a list with good doses of Semancol (that treatment for lack of sense, you know?).

10 Phrases You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

1. You didn’t get fat in the last pregnancy, right?

Maybe, maybe not … who should care about this is pregnant. Actress Kate Hudson gained enough during her pregnancy and had to chase the prejudice: “I gained 30 pounds and had to lose them in 3 and a half months. It wasn’t any fun, “he said. The hint to not remember anyone, much less a future mother, you’re overweight.

2. Are you sure you want to give that name to the child?

You might not like the name, but this is a parents ‘ sole discretion. It’s a name that you hate.

3. But are you sure they are not twins?

This question is in the same family of rudeness that the phrase a number. The belly can grow very much, especially at the end of pregnancy (and no, it’s not because there’s another baby in there).

4. Enjoy the hours of sleep now because when the baby is born you will not have peace.

Oh, really? As if anyone needed to remember a pregnant woman that a baby needs care and assistance 24 hours a day.

5. Don’t you want some more?

No, thank you. Being pregnant is not a free pass to eat everything that appears ahead-why else would she die.Pregnant women need to eat well (and that doesn’t mean eating too much) to ensure the baby’s nutrition while he’s in the belly.

6. Can I touch your belly again?

Some mothers don’t bother with other touching your belly, but to avoid any unpleasant situation, if you do not have much intimacy with the person, avoid this question.

7. You don’t fear childbirth? They say it’s the worst pain in the world.

Of course no one wants to feel pain-much less remember she exists-but if all mothers were afraid of childbirth, the world would be pretty empty.

8. And what you will do to prevent stretch marks from pregnancy?

Let the dermatologist a good moisturizer and a balanced diet will take care of that part.

9. Is it true that pregnant women lose hair?

Before scare maternity women out there, here’s the answer: no, it is rare that the hair fall during pregnancy.Many women even feel that the hair gets stronger and more beautiful during pregnancy because of hormonal changes.Of course, there may be a possible drying of yarns, which may lead the fall, but no one is bald, no!

10. The son of a friend of mine keeps crying for the first two months.

Yes, babies cry. Some more, some less. But it’s mom or Dad or both that will have to deal with maybe the possibility of excessive crying, which can scare a lot of people because it is always an indication that small is not well. Hope the baby is born just and peaceful.