10 Problems with Huge Bags

In the huge bag you put into your whole world. And if you lose it you’re a woman over overlooking the chasm of a nervous wreck. The bags with capacity XL are your alter ego and you can’t do anything

  1. the friends call you Mary Poppins.Okay, so wrong they don’t.But how much back comfortable having you around in times of need? From that mythical bag will turn up something useful: cables for charging phones and tablets, bladder patches, tissues … candy
  2. The size does matter.Especially if you walk into the crowd, take public transportation or you come across masses of schoolchildren on a field trip.The twists you do to protect her, dodging the silhouettes of passers-by and their bags in standard size, are better than 10 daily asana
  3. You drive force of time frames for emptying.That is, in care worldwide.Anything you don’t know or can’t love, but every now and then it’s time to take the bull by the horns and scaravoltare out the contents with the typical heavy manners of a private detective. Have you ever seen how many surprises!
  4. Go into fixed if you have to leave momentarily to someone.And if the back ground, scratch or even open?
  5. You insist on bring it on her arm as if it were emptywhen in fact its specific weight is 40 kg approx.

You insist to use it even when you put only the keys, wallet, phone and sunglasses

  1. You are the Queen of pochette with zip.You explode the drawers and cupboards, but doing so every object contained in the bag shall have her under grouping, a bit like collections and the collections studied at primary school
  2. Friends and boyfriend you entrust something to cherish in your bag, so it’s huge!Eccerto, but the shoulder is your
  3. wait to know the new trends with the usual bad feeling:HELP!Microscopic bags again, no!
  4. You’re obsessed with matching bag-clothes, in this order: first the bag, then the clothes.When you’ll come out?
  5. Can’t you start playing even when you’re dressed up.Rather go looking for a model clutch, as big as a football goal, to keep under his arm.Everything under control, right?