So Starts Sales of New Nokia-Phablet

Windows Phone-Phablet’en we were presented with the Nokia World 2013 are now for sale.

The Finnish mobile giant Nokia held their annual Nokia World in October, where they, among other things, presented their new phablet which our site previously described.

It is now ready for sale, and come 6 “Gorilla glass with super sensitive touch, so also the screen can be used with gloves. The big screen also offers 3 rows “Live tiles”, so you have a better view on the home screen. It writes our site.

Built into the phone is of course also HERE Maps and Nokia MixRadio, which can create your personal radio with music based on your wants and needs. Nokia Lumia 1320 operated by a 1.7 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and a battery with a capacity of 3400 mAh.

The sale starts today with the Chinese, followed by Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries in the coming weeks.


March 31, 2016

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HTC One M10 Camera Review

The name seems confirmed: the HTC one M10 is surfaced with exactly this name on a Web page by HTC. Parallel, it published a photo sample which reveals some of the properties of the camera.

The HTML code of a Web page of the company from Taiwan should have revealed the name of the product “HTC One M10”, reported, citing the Dutch page TechTastic PhoneArena. Screenshots of the page seem to prove that HTC actually already lists the Smartphone in its list, between the HTC one E9 + in the dual-SIM version, and the HTC one M8.

Revelation Is Expected In The Spring

HTC is still seem to be some time before the HTC one M10 is officially unveiled. Currently, it would probably perish between the competition’s new top devices like the LG G5 or the Galaxy S7. According to PhoneArena, the notion of the Smartphone with the code name “Perfume” will take place probably sometime in the spring. This fits with rumors that predict a presentation in April.

HTC One M10 On Publisher's Web Site Showed Up - Confirmed 12-MP Camera

Also a photo sample has found its way to the public, which according to the camera of HTC one M10 with 12 MP should resolve. Also this rumor is already for a long time in the room. The picture shows a keyboard – and whose metadata you want to confirm at the same time the M10 camera f/1.9 shutter. That the camera is in focus will be the presentation, HTC has indicated only recently itself: the CFO Chialin Chang hinted at a “very, very compelling camera experience” in an interview.

The display of the HTC one M10 should measure 5.1 or 5.2 inches in diagonal and dissolve in QHD. Also the Smartphone to the release is expected to be available in three variants of storage: 16, 32 and 64 GB storage space. Also a photo of smartphones including the new sense UI has been released.

March 30, 2016

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Wild Screen Resolution of New Smartphone

The new Oppo ‘Find 7’ gets a screen resolution of 2 k. Thus is the glove for seriously thrown across from the other manufacturers.

Maybe not the most famous brand Oppo at home, but with their upcoming smartphone ‘Find 7’, enough attention be directed in the direction of the Chinese mobile manufacturer. There have been rumours out since July, and now they are so finally been confirmed.

‘Find 7’ going to get a 2 k 5.5 “screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixel, which is equivalent to a 27-inch computer screen or 538 pixels per inch.

Continue reading Wild Screen Resolution of New Smartphone

March 30, 2016

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HTC: Why Does It Take Time to Prepare the Android Updates

Tech giant HTC now shows why updates fail to reach out to their customers with the same.

Apple has, since the launch of the iPhone, not had the snerten of competition when it comes to getting as many customers onto the latest version of its mobile operating system, but it could easily change in the future.

We see as a growing tendency for many mobiles of Android system, now being launched with a so-called stock-Android (without the use of special manufacturer-customized skins) that makes your phone more accessible for new updates. Continue reading HTC: Why Does It Take Time to Prepare the Android Updates

March 29, 2016

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Lumia 950 XL: Camera Is Subject To Which The Lumia 1020 In Low Light

How is the camera of the current 10 Windows Mobile flagship Lumia 950 XL against the camera smartphone Lumia 1020? Nokiapoweruser has this question and has undergone a comparison test of the two devices. The bottom line: The Lumia 950 XL has indeed no 41 MP sensor like the counterparty fails but extremely wacker – except in low light conditions.

“The best camera smartphone” – so called the Lumia Microsoft 1020 in the own online shop. Since the question is of course, as are the Lumia 950 XL in comparison. A series of image comparisons show that’s the Lumia 1020 can compete with his 20 MP sensor surprisingly well with the 41-MP camera. According to Nokiapoweruser no camera of a different Lumia model be approached so far so close to the quality of the “best camera smartphone”. At night, the Lumia provides 950 but only blurry shots.

Lumia Creates Better Videos 950 XL

Even with Flash switched to, the Lumia 1020 has the upper hand with better color reproduction and a sharper image. The result however conversely to fail seems to videos. Here, the Lumia 950 XL provides a brighter image with more details. Also the premium device in terms of videos last but not least have the nose front – thanks to the better image stabilization using OIS. In addition the Lumia dominated 950 XL unlike the Lumia slow motion shots, as well as 4K-Videos 1020.

So the bottom line have both the Lumia 950 XL as also the Lumia 1020 their advantages and disadvantages. Whether the Lumia 1020 however still “best camera smartphone” in Microsoft’s Lumia lineup deserves the title, every man for himself must decide well.

March 28, 2016

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Now You Can Soon Write SMS with Appliances from LG

The forthcoming CES exhibition offers communicating appliances from LG company talking together via messenger app.

We have previously referred to intelligent electronics on our site, and in this context seen on LG’s smart vacuum cleaner with built-in camera and app functionality.
Now LG has in a press release stated that the upcoming series of white goods from giant, will have a built-in “HomeChat” function that allows the user to communicate via Line-the app that is already used by 310 million people. It writes our site. Continue reading Now You Can Soon Write SMS with Appliances from LG

March 28, 2016

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Galaxy S7 Vs. Professional Camera: How Fast Is The Dual Pixel Auto Focus?

The Galaxy S7 edge in the auto focus shootout: The Samsung top models featured the MWC 2016 Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge should focus especially quickly with their cameras thanks to dual-pixel auto-focus. Although the sale of smartphones has not yet started, first videos to the camera power on the Internet are in circulation.

A user from Thailand pits in two videos Canon EOS auto focus of the Galaxy S7 edge against the auto focus of the full-blown digital SLR 70 d, as reported GSM Arena. While the tester in the first placed again and again an item – or his own face – from two cameras in rapidly changing intervals, he tests the focus in low light in the second film.

Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Convinces Even In Low Light

In both cases, however, the Galaxy S7 edge leaves a slightly better idea than the professional camera – surprisingly even though both devices at the auto focus put on the same technique. The S7 edge as well as the Canon 70 d use the so-called “dual pixel auto focus”-technology. It recognizes the camera by using separate pixels which change the focal length should be made.

In the first video is clear to see that this brought about a Galaxy S7 edge apparently faster than the Canon EOS 70 d. In the second video, it is also apparent that the Samsung top model in low light shows even more detail than the digital SLR camera, what could be related also to the F-number. After all, this is clearly will than that of the Canon camera with a f/3.5 at the edge of S7 with f/1.7. However, it surprised that it can absorb a Smartphone such as the edge of S7 in the rapid test, at least with an SLR.

March 27, 2016

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Samsung Galaxy Updates S3 and Note 2 for Android 4.3

Danish Android 4.3 Jelly bean to last year’s flagships from Samsung, is now on the air.

We have received several tips from Mobile’s users of Samsung’s top models from last year now can look forward to an early update for Android 4.3.

With Android 4.3 receives S3 and Note 2 among other features such as Bluetooth low energy and Galaxy Gear support, as well as FSTRIM-command that optimizes inventory workplace performance.

You can see for yourself whether your update is available, by going into settings-On the phone-System updates. So will your phone even examine whether the update is ready. We recommend that you download the update over Wi-Fi, for the update takes up around 700 MB.

March 27, 2016

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Maternity Bra for Breastfeeding

Your baby has arrived or is about to arrive. You should get the idea that this small treasure is up to you to grow healthy and strong, and for that there is nothing like breast milk.

Breastfeeding can hide some challenges and perhaps one of them is comfort give them breast. Nursing bra is designed to make a little more private and comfortable procedure, especially when you are not at home.

What is the support for breastfeeding?

Support for breastfeeding (also known as support for breastfeeding or breastfeeding) is specially designed to make easier and more comfortable for a woman to breast-feed her baby, granting privacy at the same time protecting the body from unwanted eyes.

With the support for breastfeeding, it is not necessary to be half naked to feed children properly since – according to the design you choose – a simple way to discover the nipple. It is precisely this feature that distinguishes it from other models of support, such as for example the maternal support.

The most common support model for breastfeeding is basically a Soft Cup bra with the particularity that cups can unbutton the rest of the BRA to expose the nipple and thus feed the baby. The Cup may peel off in various ways, the most common being a small clip located at the top of the Cup (where is born the bretel). This brooch with hooks or simply pressure can be adjusted. You can also find – although on a much lesser extent – nursing bras showing a lock in the bottom of the Cup (just below the breast) to release the bust.

Another very popular model among mothers is known “anchor sleep”. It’s a piece that is very similar to the hold of training that teenagers use, from soft Cup, style shirt and super elastic. With this model mothers only must move the garment up, down or side to leave the chest uncovered.

Whatever the model, the bra for breastfeeding has as a basic rule, all should be able to open with one hand, since with the other you’ll be carrying your baby.

Styles, materials and colors

The world of lingerie is made increasingly more diverse and where before there was only a couple of options today can find dozens. The same goes for the bras for breastfeeding, if you are looking for you can find Bras with or without stitching (seamless), padded, underwire, soft cup, full cup, demi cup, sporty style, etc.

Indeed, the options are many, but within the options to choose you must take into account the most recommended. In the case of styles, many specialists recommend leaving side support Underwire while realizes the baby because the constriction which may result in the ring in the breast can contribute to cover the milk ducts and lead to discomfort ranging from bad to feed your baby until a painful mastitis. Precisely in order to give freedom to the growing bust, nursing bras are usually made of cotton with certain percentage of spandex.

As for colors, you’ll see that the vast majority of nursing bras will be white or skin color, but not give for an answer! There are brands that produce lingerie for pregnant women and recent mothers with lot of style and color. Today you can find bras for breastfeeding in strong and vibrant, colors with beautiful prints and sensual and elegant details. It will definitely be a good thing to add to the underwear drawer and will give you a little confidence in yourself now that the hormones can play with our minds.


March 27, 2016

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Bandeau Bra Guide: Advantages and Disadvantages

Its name – as well as many other pieces of lingerie – comes from the French. Bandeau in French means “band” or “tape”, and is a word that fits the description of this Basic lingerie piece. The BRA style bandeau is then nothing more nor less than a band of fabric that holds the bust.

Bandeau as such, as a structure, such as support, was for the first time in ancient Rome. Women used a long piece of gender (usually cotton or linen) tight around her breasts, achieving an effect of support to the bust while flattening them, according to the most desired silhouette of the season.

After many centuries and already baptized this peculiar name, bandeau Bras caused furor in the Decade of 20 to then gain popularity this time, as part of a swimsuit two pieces that swept the fashion of the 40’s and 50’s.

How is a bandeau?

A bandeau bra is perhaps one of the simplest models of support that exist. See how on this lingerie website.

The basic part is a simple band of elasticised, sewn into a tube shape, material that fits around the breasts of the woman standing across the head.

Although it is very simple, with the outbreak of the lingerie market have multiplied also the options within this model of support. You can find Bras bandeau Soft Cup or Underwire, from simple elastic fabric or more sumptuous genres and with snaps to adjust (both back and front), with pillows or without them, and up to a set of straps to fit as needed.

The advantages of a bandeau

Easy-to-keep – being a bra almost without structure (common of these fasteners not included cups that deforms or straps that become entangled) are very easy to save. Simply fold them gently and presto! In addition, they hardly occupy space.

Ideal as a training bra – style bandeau bras are ideal to help girls to enter in the somewhat intimidating world of lingerie. To be simple and easy to remove, are a good choice for teens and pre teens.

Versatile – bandeau bras are really versatile. You can find them in a wide variety of materials, designs and colours, even find some models that include one or two pairs of straps (one kind and another in transparent silicone, for example), allowing you to transform it depending on your needs.

The disadvantages of a bandeau

Very little support – this feature is obvious just looking at its structure. The support of a bra is given by various aspects of its construction, as the band, the cups and the straps. Style bandeau bra is not characterized by band or glasses very strong (in fact, in almost all models are quite fragile) and, of course, the absence of straps collaborates not too breast support. Therefore, women of large breasts, it is recommended to abstain.

Rapid wear – both the little structure to support the breasts as the elasticity that characterizes the genres used in the manufacture of this type of support They can make wear the piece much more hard and fast, so it will be necessary to take certain steps in the cleaning and conservation of this piece.

If you think that this style is ideal for you, continue reading related articles to learn a little more about this piece of lingerie and what you must keep in mind when buying and caring for a bandeau bra.


March 26, 2016

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