How to Make Vampire Makeup Step by Step

The vampire makeup is main brand dark and dramatic eyes and striking mouth pulled into the red. This visual medium dark glamorous medium has every day gaining new fans. And many women use productions aspect vamp (but smooth, of course) in daily looks like ballad, family parties, trips and even day to day.

In this sense we realize that the makeup vampire fits both for costume parties or Halloween as on other occasions. Even among the public teen makeup of “Draculaura” drawing the character Monster High has done very successfully.

Then I will suggest three beautiful look super vampire for you raze, the first super heavy and flashy, perfect for a party, the second look based on Draculaura to please teenagers or even young women who like to dare. And finally a vamp look wonderful that suits many occasions and makes you super glamorous .

Vampire Look for Halloween Party

For costume parties or halloween order is exaggerating the dark aspect, you need not be afraid of regret, to be a festive occasion imagination can roll loose. Lots of people like to apply compact powder with talcum powder to give a paler touch to the skin and if you apply a foundation a shade lighter than your skin this aspect is even better for your makeup vampire.

Then go around the eyes with opaque black shadow or black Kajal (I prefer the latter option) and also apply on mobile eyelid. And apply a shadow graphite or lead esfumando out the eyes of boundaries towards the temples. The inner corner of the eyes and just below the pass shadow illuminator pearly eyebrow. In the center of the mobile eyelid to where you vanished to apply black shadow shimmering shadow or gliter on a reddish or purple tone, according to the look you want.

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May 31, 2016

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Not A Good Idea: Use Sony Xperia Z2 with Sunglasses

Summer and the Sony Xperia Z2 – quite fits Xperia blog that probably not together, reported. The new flagship of the Japanese can be used in landscape mode, apparently with a patch, Polarized Sunglasses. Because then there’s to see how a video proves only one thing: blackness.

Polarized sunglasses are widespread in the summer: as conventional protection glasses have a special film that acts as a filter and blocks vertically incoming light waves Anders – preventing reflections. Many Smartphones cope with such filters, but not the Sony Xperia Z2. In a YouTube video is to see that the Smartphone landscape mode – so in the landscape – not with these sunglasses can be consider.

Known Issue with the Sony Xperia Z2: Overheating

But that is not the only blunder was probably overlooked in the development of the Sony Xperia Z2. The films of 4K-Videos, the Smartphone will very quickly, very hot, so the already turns off after a few minutes. This is stupid especially in the summer. First of all, the problem in Singapore had become known, but also in Germany, owners of smartphones have apparently with the overheating to fight. In the Amazon reviews about the user D. writes Gaus man as a comment that he at least can make ten minutes long 4K-Aufnahmen, when he first puts the Smartphone in the fridge – which is of course an extreme example. However, the reports that the average stops after four to eight minutes are piling up.

Despite these minor issues: Overall the Sony Xperia Z2 in the test really liked us, in comparison to its predecessor, the Japanese made some meaningful changes. The Smartphone is thus part of the Oberliga and can compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC one M8 and the iPhone 5 s.

May 30, 2016

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Nokia’s Icy Winter: 201 Million Loss at the End of

It is an end in horror: the years world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia burned 780 million euro last year – EUR 201 million in the previous quarter to leave alone. While the Finnish tradition group, which is newly on after the sale of the mobile business as network equipment manufacturers, his biggest burden is going on, the question remains: is Microsoft’s Bill as a holistic Smartphone provider?

Soon it became clear that missed the jump. Nokia showed off – and never again.

Three years the memo is old, that will forever stick to the hapless Nokia boss Stephen Elop: Elop Nokia compared to a “burning oil platform”, when he took over the former industry leader in early 2011 as CEO – the only thing to help, whether the “jump into the cold water”.

Relatively quickly realized that this jump was next to it. Nokia showed off – and actually never back up. The industry leader missed cracking the megatrend of smartphones: the Finnish tradition group a response remained guilty for years on iPhone and Android devices, and when she came in the form of the brightly colored Lumias, the witty buying public was moved on long ago.

Nokia Settles Only One-Tenth of Samsung

8.2 million Lumias were between early October and end of December over the counters. Although at least twice as many sold units as the deposed more faltering rival BlackBerry, in the last quarter with a sales drop of 56 percent literally imploded are, but the distance compared to market leader Apple and Samsung is now light years from Earth.

Branchexperten count on 55 million iPhones sold, when Apple Announces next Monday after close of trading its balance sheet for the Christmas quarter expired, while the South Korean rival with nearly 82 million smartphones sold set new standards. In other words, Nokia sold one-tenth of Samsung just.

Lumia Sales Fall against Previous Quarter

Worryingly for the nearly 150-year-old Finnish tradition group: while increased Lumia sales compared to the previous quarter, eased however compared with the September quarter, 8.8 million models were discontinued in which, even. A turnaround looks different.

Remains the question of whether the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone Division for Microsoft pays off. For $7.2 billion, the Redmond software giant had taken over its Finnish partner who joined in 2011 with Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows phone, in September of last year. The ambitions of third most valuable after Apple and Google technology group in the world, to establish itself as a third force in the mobile universe in addition to iOS and Android have get a new damper.

May 29, 2016

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Officially Announced: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Comes

Sony shrinks its flagship and take it as Xperia Z1 compact this year on the market. On Monday, the company has 2014 presented the new model at CES in Las Vegas, and thus put an end to rumors of a mini spin-off.

Compared to the flagship shrinks from 5 to 4.3 inch display, the resolution is now 1,280 x 720 pixels. Has been also reduced the performance of the battery, its capacity by 0.8 Ah on 2,3 Ah – reduced to the exact battery life Sony did not comment but still.

Smartphone Fits in Your Pocket

The Sony Xperia measures 127 x 64.9 mm x 9.5 mm Z1 compact in the round 9 mm width are less than the Xperia Z1, the length it almost 20 mm. camera, processor and memory, however, remain with identical: the Smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 800 with 2.2 GHz clocking, the memory is two gigabytes in size and the internal memory can be expanded via MicroSD card 16 GB on up to 64 gigabytes.

Also the design of the Smartphone is closely based on the model of big brother – glass and aluminium are the dominant materials of the envelope. The Sony Xperia Z1 compact to 2014 be commercially available during the course of the first quarter and cost about 500 euros – therefore it is slightly more expensive than the Sony flagship, which is currently from about 450 euros.

May 28, 2016

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Vintage 80s Fashion

For women, the 80s, post hippie wave, represented what was of more modern and liberated in the style of dress and daring. It was the arrival of pop, dance clubs and a lot of freedom to combine everything with nothing and making perfect sense. The looks of 80s were so cool that they are used on the streets, and some say it was the best sets of all for freedom of expression. It was even a decade ago.

And did you know that the style of 80s looks fashion? Famous as Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna have already shown their inspirations in the streets, proving that the more fun and sexy simbols thrower is one of the strongest of universe fashion.

To Assemble Accessories 80s Looks

Tulle skirt -serves for the day, for the night or just out on the street and abusing of lust, because it is transparent. Looks like a piece of carnival, but girls of that time if inspired by acts to use tulle as the fabric more liked by their strong colors. Pink tulle skirt combines with several parts.

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May 27, 2016

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When Comes Out the Galaxy S5? In the Spring!

It looks like the Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 will come in the spring along with a new version of the Samsung Galaxy gear Smartwatch on the market. The new smartphone should differ significantly from its predecessor, the Galaxy S4.

The Vice President of the mobile radio division by Samsung, Lee Young-Hee, has lifted the veil in terms of release date for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 slightly at the Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas. She informed that the Galaxy S5 will come at the latest in April on the market. It should differ significantly from its predecessor. We may be curious about: Hee announced that wanted Samsung model “to the basics to return”. Along with the Galaxy S5 Samsung will release a new Smartwatch. The new Galaxy gear should be smaller than the old model and have even more features – on the current Galaxy gear the Klobigkeit and a few features were criticized.

All sorts of rumors are circulating to the facilities of the new Galaxy S5: so should the Galaxy S5 have a 5.25-inch QHD screen with ultra sharp resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, and thanks to the built-in Achtkernprozessores Exynos 5 more than its predecessor, still have some power. Also the memory of Samsung’s new flagship to be enormous with 3 gigabytes. And you can do with the camera of the Galaxy S5 photos allegedly with 16 megapixels. Also in the access protection, there will be new features. Unlike competitor Apple, Samsung opts a retinal scanner. This technique would be even safer than the fingerprint scanner that Apple used. It is still unclear whether this technique but in the Galaxy S5 will be installed.

You want to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S5 but prefer now equal to a new smartphone? We touch 3 with a mobile financing, in which you can choose the monthly rates even you get the Galaxy!

May 27, 2016

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How To Store Jewelry: 8 Simple Rules

We are sincere: our jewelry boxes are often indistinct clusters of jewelry accumulated over time. And it didn’t worry me. Indeed, the more we have, the more we are happy!

Because knowing how to store jewelry

There is, however, that sometimes we forget: all precious metals are easily solid upon contact with other objects. And the stones over time can lose gloss or stain.

That’s why we have to take care of our jewelry. After reading read my tips on How to Polish gold jewelry and How to clean diamonds, tonow we see How to store the jewelsat best. Do not be afraid! It is an easy process: 8 small rules, simple but effective. See them together. Continue reading How To Store Jewelry: 8 Simple Rules

May 26, 2016

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Intel Wants to Build Chips for Cheap Smartphones

The world’s largest chip maker Intel enters the Smartphone industry: Intel wants to produce microprocessors for cheap smartphones in the future. Especially the Smartphone first buyers in emerging markets, representing the largest growth market for the Smartphone industry worldwide are addressed with this affordable smartphones.

Intel is the world’s largest manufacturer of microchips. In the manufacture of the processor for smartphones, the company plays but still not very important. That should now change: Intel wants to build with new microprocessors for cheap smartphones “a new Smartphone platform for growth markets” – this was announced by the company at the technology fair held currently in Las Vegas CES. With these devices, the company wants to attract those who chose to buy a Smartphone in the emerging markets for the first time, for Intel that make microchips. The trick with these so-called cheap Smartphones that are probably cheap, so cheap but not: Despite their comparatively low price the Smartphones should have a respectable outfit, which worth watching. The entry into the market will be worth for the microchip manufacturer Intel: estimated the worldwide market for cheap smartphones will include a quantity of 500 million units sold per year in the year 2015.

The microprocessors that Intel now builds for the Smartphones, are strong in performance and in addition energy saving the company according to. In addition they support two cameras built into smartphones and to make possible also the Smartphone control in addition to the taxes touch through language and gestures for users. Intel also face detection make allegedly possible microprocessors.

You want a new smartphones that is not a cheap Smartphone? With us you receive the Apple iPhone 5 S with a mobile finance. The great thing about our mobile finance: You can get the amount of monthly payments with which her pays off your iPhone, even seek out!

May 26, 2016

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What is 4G

Use the mobile internet is some of the most common. We are not talking about the WiFi connection but the service we have contracted with our operator. Beyond where we go, we receive our messages, we upload photos, we see videos… Of all.

Becoming is more popular and now operators are upgrading networks to improve speed in what is known as 4G. The fourth generation of mobile phones that today, in technology you to you, we explain what is.

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May 26, 2016

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Learn How to Match Clothes and Handbags

The handbags and shoes are the accessories women’s darlings. Join the style to convey your personality is not always an easy task, and it is necessary to know match too.

Combine clothes and handbags are the new craze of the fashionistas on duty, and a mistake to think that, to combine, it is necessary to have the same color or the same pattern.

Many women are afraid of risk and prefer to keep a pattern of colors. Big purse, small, square, color: there are several models, styles and prices. So, you need to know more about this universe of options not to miss time to assemble the look.

Tips for you to match clothes and handbags

Before we teach how to match clothes and bags, let’s get some basic tips.

Initial Tips

  • The first tip is related to his height. Proportionality is always welcome, so if you’re too high, should get a big purse. On the other hand, if you go lower, opt for smaller grants, not to run the risk of being “crushed” by the bag.
  • The second tip is about colorful handbags. Generally speaking, they are very welcome when you are wearing clothes with neutral colors such as white, black, gray and light beige.
  • The third tip is related to its body. If you are overweight and you don’t want to draw attention to their extra pounds, avoid handbags very clear, with very bright or fringes. They will end up increasing the volume of your body. In this case, opt for bags of darker colors and small/medium sized.
  • The fourth tip is about combining the bag with the shoes. It is not necessary to make this combination. You can combine the purse and shoe directly with the clothes, not needing to do the combination bag + shoe.

Now that I’ve absorbed some basic tips, we have a course to match clothes and handbags. Let’s move on!

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May 25, 2016

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