How to Buy Good Sleeping Bag

Tips for particular brands of sleeping bags Outdoor has offered a guide, now is the time to look at the parameters which we should follow if we are sleeping bag for summer, winter, lighter, more powerful, common for a few nights or totally safe sleeping bag with which to lose even in the wildest of the wild. Before you buy a sleeping bag, which should meet all of our needs, we must define those concepts and, accordingly, sleeping bags searched. Then we can talk about quality sleeping bag. Not always plays the role of the brand, and its familiarity and reputation.

Tip 1 – Choose according to the conditions

Rather, under the conditions in which a sleeping bag are going to cohabit. For tourists on a trip of several daysit is unnecessary to have the luxury of sleeping bag for several thousand crowns, but also ordinary blanket is not enough. On the contrary, what the tourist will appreciate like a nice bag to sleep, it can still demanding athletes in the most demanding conditions do not match up fatally.

Tip 2 – Choose according to the method of activity

While walking with children for several days by nature, you sleep in a cabin or in a tent  and you do not mind sleeping cheaper to just sleep on such and not as much storage as you do better? Or you’re a cyclist or climber, your life depends almost sleeping bag and need to save every place in your “trunk” on the back or a bike? And whichever you choose, of course, you have to bring your sleeping bag could be considered high quality and comfortable.

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July 31, 2016

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How to Fish Salp

Do you like fishing in the sea and in particular you like float read techniques? You never tried to fish salps? It is a particular species, very combative, but at the same time it is very attentive to detail and hard to fish to take the bait. You will learn how to fish this fish with green alga, rather than with the bait, but, first, it’s good to know the saupe, before you start fishing.

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Bolognese 4 meters
  • Reel size 2000
  • Nylon 0.12-0.16mm
  • Fluorocarbon 0.10mm
  • Hook stalky number 18
  • Green seaweed
  • Net teleregolabile
  • Fishing lures for freshwater from AndrewFishing

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July 30, 2016

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Mountain Bike Accessories Must Have

If you are buying a mountain bike, pay considerable attention to the individual components. Quality and design forks, handlebars, brakes, suitably chosen saddle or pedals, all this will help you ride, increasing its experience and provide maximum safety. Also must have is the bike spoke light. Check this link.

Sort by bike – the purchase and selection of accessories

Mountain bike you are getting for it to be able to ride in terrain difficult to carry out trips and descents. Therefore, it is necessary to select the good components that will operate safely and are made of quality materials.

To sort used front derailleur and rear derailleur. Derailleur is located between the pedal and flip the chain between the transducers, which are three toothed plates between the pedals. 3 plates are now commonplace. Small plate means less demand on pedaling, you choose it when going uphill. Large plate is on the contrary designed for quick and easy ride that is not demanding on energy expenditure. Derailleur is controlled by the left hand.

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July 29, 2016

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High Quality LED Bulbs

Proper lighting can almost instantly change the look of any interior. Saving LEDs give your home a unique atmosphere after dark, and moreover, they can save a considerable amount.

LED bulbs are unquestionably a great choice for every household. Compared with ordinary light bulbs with LEDs can reduce lighting costs by at least 80%. Family with bigger house and annually saves more than five thousand crowns. Acquire LEDs, however worthwhile, even if you have an older home kinds of energy saving lamps – the cost of lighting then fall by about 50%.

Quality LED bulbs will also be pleasantly surprised. Immediately after the lamp is lit at 100% intensity, faithfully served the colors and the light is soft and comfortable. LEDs do not blink, and their lifespan is much higher than other types of bulbs – lasts up to 18 years of normal lighting. Not even frequent switching off and switching on again does not shorten their lifespan.

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July 28, 2016

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What’s New in iOS 9.3

With the announcement of iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7-inch, Apple released also, the final version of iOS 9.3, a minor update to the El Capitan. What changes? Come with me I’ll show you.

The iOS 9.3 update is regarded as great, but for so many new features is well abated. The largest is the Night Shift mode that “yellow” the screen at night to use the smartphone or tablet not disturb your sleep.

Who knows f.lux, a free app for Windows and OSX, you know what it is. Created by former Google employees, the f.lux is based on studies like this to justify the removal of the blue tone of the screens when the sun goes down. He suggests that this shade is typically light emitted by the screens suppress melatonin production, hormone responsible for regulating our circadian rhythm, ie, when in sleep or not. By being exposed to this blue light before going to bed our body is messed up and sleep becomes more difficult.

Apple built the feature, called here Night Shift, iOS 9.3. It is largely identical to f.lux that come up running iOS via sideloading but their distribution was suspended requirement of Apple. On Android, which is available, the f.lux requires rooting to work. Interestingly the Lux, an older alternative to f.lux in the Google mobile system, eliminates the workaround.

Going back to iOS 9.3, when installing this version of the Control Center gets a new icon, center, in the bottom row. In Settings, some settings related to Night Shift can be done in “screen and brightness”. Inside, the user can set the scheduled activation feature, activate it manually and adjust the intensity of the effect on the screen.

I used yesterday the Night Shift, set to go into action in the sunset and leave the scene at sunrise it, and is what you would expect from something. The change is gradual and pleasant, except when consuming sensitive content color and videos, for example. For these cases, go to the Central Control and temporarily disable the Night Shift.

Other than this and although it is impossible for me to determine whether it was useful or not at the time I went to bed (not insomnia), the Night Shift only works, which in these circumstances is a compliment.

Another novelty of the few iOS 9.3 is in the Notes app. Now, give some to lock and release them only by means of a password or biometric via Touch ID.

The way this happens is well balcony: the Notes does not block all the notes, but gives the user the option to block some specific, more sensitive content. The password is the same for all those who come to be identified by a padlock, in the list on the right. The notes released with the password/Touch ID can be locked again with a touch that lock or turning off the device screen.

Also in the notes, you can now change the order of them according to three criteria: date of the last edition, creation date or alphabetical. Until iOS 9.2, they were only listed by the last edition. The setting of the password and the order is in the app settings, and not the same notes.

There are new developments in the Health app, too. In addition to subtle changes in graphics, now the tab “Health Data” gives app suggestions to help collect and analyze more information about different areas of nutrition to sleep through body measurements and to “reproductive health.”

Oh, some of the Apple standard apps, like Settings, Health and App Store, won support 3D Touch context menu.

The other new or are not available in Brazil, or are out of reach for most. In the first group are refinements in Apple News, Apple News app not yet released here, and improvements in tools to use the iPad in educational settings, including a new app, the classroom, for teachers, and support for multiple users in a even tablet – something that would be useful beyond the classroom. Available in Brazil, but out of reach of most, improvements in CarPlay, now suggests songs and artists for the Apple Music and shows points of interest by useful maps.

What’s New in OS X 10.11.4

On the Mac, the new version of El Capitan replica improvements Notes, ie, the computer also becomes possible to change the order of notes and protect them with a password – and here the lack of an equivalent to the Touch ID is felt. For those who use Evernote and wants to give a chance to the notes, Apple added a built-in importer. Is File, Import Notes …

Other features include sharing Live Photos between Macs and iOS devices via AirDrop or Messaging and the ability to save PDF files in the cloud through iBooks, making them accessible from any connected Apple device.

Some corrections and the usual promises (“improves the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac”) close the list of what’s new. Among them, however, it is worth mentioning one that left frustrated everyone who uses Twitter and browse your Safari: the fix bug with links shortened by In the previous version the most clicks on these links took centuries to open in Apple’s browser. Not anymore.

All updates are free. The installer iOS 9.3, iPhone 6s, has 310 MB and even lowering it yesterday immediately after the release, the download was fast and the update, quiet. It is available for all iPhone 4S from all Apple tablets from the iPad 2 and the fifth and sixth generations of the iPod touch. Some features are not available on all devices; the Night Shift, for example, only works on the iPhone 5s on, the iPad Air/mini 2 forward and iPod sixth generation touch.

On the Mac, the update of the El Capitan requires one download of 1.5GB. I downloaded the MacBook Pro cover yesterday and today when I woke up, the system offered to install – the files had been downloaded at night, with the notebook “sleeping”, thanks to Power Nap. Like the iOS, here also the process was quick and painless. I did not notice until now, no more apparent problem or slow strokes.

July 28, 2016

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Choosing Lighting for the Bedroom

It often happens to us as the greatest – and not just for kids – to have a certain “fear” of the darkness. We prefer well induce sleep with a little light, rather than sinking into the depths of “darkness.” The choice of the type of lamp, however, must be suited to the bedroom, so it does not become an element of discomfort.

The night light will be soft and dim, to make the moment of sleep as relaxing as possible.Lighting too strong, in fact, it can create the opposite effect and shake even more. Perfect are shades of cool white and blue. You can choose from many types of lamps, lights from the mini to the most sophisticated and various forms.

Obviously, having to remain lit for several hours, better to choose a LED night light (check, because it does not heat and consumes little. The lights in the bedroom are also idali also to create a romantic environment and sensual.

July 27, 2016

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How Swimsuit Bottoms Should Fit

Swimwear – fashion trends summer. Multicolored, bright or pastel tones, retro or asymmetrical models swimwear with many decorative elements or topless – all are current.

The weather warms, the summer season is open – all factors storming of the pools and beaches are already available. It remains to choose fashionable swimsuit and show exquisite forms. Even if you are not so beautiful, do not worry, just choose a bathing suit the particularities of your figure. But before I give you some tips for choosing the swimsuit according to the figure, let’s check out what are the fashion trends in swimwear for summer.

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July 26, 2016

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Flashlight Buying Guide

In most cases, to get on a trekking tour also cope without light. Latest but if you want to stay in the wild, it is quite happy during the night, when the light in the form of a flashlight has available.

You should definitely check if they can be switched on by itself when z. B. encounter other objects against it in the backpack before buying a flashlight. Otherwise the batteries would quickly empty.

The torch should be stable: slight vibrations and water can not harm it. Practical models are equipped with a loop, with which you can hang it.

It may be useful to wrap the rear piece of the flashlight with tape. So you can take it between his teeth, just when you need both hands.

If you want it to sleep comfortably, you should rely on a headlamp. This sets you up to the end and has the light wherever you hindreht head.

Meanwhile, the traditional flashlight of LED lamps here will be replaced. You have an extremely long service life, up to 100,000 hours of operation are promised. They come with very little energy, so that they could fully illuminate with a normal battery pack up to two days.

When using lithium batteries, the service life extended to as much as 100 hours.

July 26, 2016

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EasyAcc SuperSpeed USB 3.0 7 Port Hub

Most modern PC’s, laptops and MacBooks offer unfortunately few USB 3.0 ports, which are also occupied fairly quickly. Remedy promise so-called USB hub in order to multiply the number of usable USB ports. The EasyAcc SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 Hub expands your computer by seven additional USB ports and also brings an extra long USB connection cable. Whether the remaining properties of the stroke may also convince showing our detailed review.

Advantages of a modern USB 3.0 Hub

USB hubs have been established for many years to resolve the issue of rare sowed USB sockets on modern notebooks. Introduced with the USB 3.0 specification “Super Speed” transfer rate of up to 4000 Mbits / second can together ausreizen several USB sticks and external hard drives has difficulties themselves. Older USB 2.0 hubs come with multiple hard drives on the other hand quickly to their limits, which provides about one-eighth of the transfer rate of USB 3.0’s 480 Mbits / second. So it actually makes only since USB 3.0 really make sense to accommodate more than 4 USB houses in one stroke.

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July 25, 2016

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How to Choose the Right Pillow and Blanket?

Who is not lazy, he did great trunk. Please take a moment our guide linens and you will have a clear idea about what to buy their bed. Not only mattresses and bases are in fact essential for your healthy sleep.

The pillow is essential!

When not cool head, he carries it throughout the body. According to what do you choose the pillow?

Washability – Practical is to choose pillows that are undressing top bag and can be washed more often alone. While filling in the pillow are also commonly washable, after all, frequent washing loses its elasticity.

Position of the spine  – ideal location of the cervical spine during sleep should be the same as when rovně stand. But who suffer from frequent chronic diseases, he needs to have his head rather in the higher position. Everything is about your nice feeling.

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July 24, 2016

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