2017, The New Bride Bridal Accessory Hat

The hat seems to be back powerfully on the bridal scene 2017!
Wedding Hat will be one of the most bridal accessories 2017 that will distinguish on the most important day of all! The trendy bridal 2017 as well as offer bows of all sizes, flowers or turbans, they offer you the chance to be unique and brides from sophisticated and elegant look, especially thanks to the most chic headgear of all … the hat. There are many different models and there is something for all tastes! Discover if among those who we have selected there is also what you wear for your wedding!
Small to Cymbeline
Among the designers who have made nice headdress their workhorse for sure there’s Cymbeline. Highlight we sophisticated extravagant shapes and small hats as described in top-medical-schools, adorned with flowers or feathers wrapped around themselves or, for the more romantic, hats coveredby veil, short in front and along the back, knotted on the hat like a big bow.
English style for Matilde Cano
English style for wedding Hat 2017 by Matilde Cano, all made of very lightweight materials for a perfect spring wedding set in the English countryside. Strictly Flap an overwhelming and complemented by different sizes and color flowers. In addition to the classic round “straw” hat Matilde Cano also offers a Variant slightly asymmetrical, but equally successful with beautiful flowers.
Cowgirl to Marylise
Wide brim wedding Hat & Rembo for Marylise Style but this time in color, fabric and leather cowgirl style, sharply contrasting with the white bridal gown. Carried with ease and lightness, these wonderful accessories could really make your Bridal look extravagant and untied from any traditional pattern, worn with hair, vintage sunglasses and large gold earrings!
Wide brim for YolanCris
However, YolanCris devotes to the hat, and decides to place it only on one of the beautiful dresses presented at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Also for his wedding broad brim Hat 2017, and flowers are the main features, worn over loose hairs and paired with a short dress with floral applique and transparencies, a chic touch to a less formaloutfit .

eccentrics for Isabel Zapardiez
Who on the contrary decided that the hat should be his prominent accessory is surely Isabel Zapardiez! Each dress is in fact completed with a headgear, each made in the most extravagant sizes and shapes possible. Fan-shaped, with feathers, classic straw and flowers, in two-tone white and black, each outfit of the new collection has had its worthy accessory to complete in a perfect and always extremely elegant!
You too will be the 2017 bride with the hat?