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Tips and price information for you who would like to purchase the Avon 3D Hair Repairer

One of the season’s releases of Avon is the 3D Repairer or Advanced Techniques Restoration Intense 3D Repairer, a three-dimensional repairing treatment for your hair.It is a leave-in that can be applied to dry or wet wires.

The Avon 3D Repairer at BeautyPically.com has a unique formula that can repair three years of accumulated yarn (from bad treatment, chemical processes, etc.) in just three days. The new product is suitable for dry or damaged hair. Its formula contains no salt and acts through advanced 360 ° repair technology, which identifies the damaged parts and repairs the damage three dimensions of everyday damages: mechanical (brushing), thermal (dryer, flat) and chemical (smoothing and coloring). As a result, the wires are 95% easier to untangle and protected from breakage and with double tips repaired by up to 91%.

The Avon 3D repairman has in its formula: Hydrogenated Castor Oil / SEBACIC Acid Copolymei known to seal cuticles of wires that have been subjected to chemical and mechanical giving; provides good adhesion by sealing the cuticle and, by softening the hair fiber, blocks the damage. It also improves the shine property of damaged hair.

Other ingredients that make up the 3D Repairer: Panthenol, which leaves the wires more pliable, helps reduce the formation of double ends and improves the condition of damaged hair; Pathenyl Ethyl Ether, penetrates wires and provides long-lasting moisturizing effect. Improves structure and has repair effect; Wheat Amino acids, wheat amino acids that penetrate the threads providing hydration, softness and smoothness; Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone, reduces the level of porosity of the wires, among other ingredients.

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Advanced Techniques Intense restoration 3D repairman is available for purchase for the price of $ 19 and can be purchased by an Avon reseller. Many salons, including resell Avon products, are the tip to look for one closer to you.

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September 29, 2017

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