4 Products to Keep the Beard Clean and Beautiful

Have a beard of respect it means to incorporate a serving of habits to your routine of grooming daily, because a lot of people attentive to the style, the periodicity of the cut, to the products you use to afeitar (cream, razor, balm) but forgets that the beard needs free special and careful to be always clean, soft, smelling, and beautiful.

4 Products to Keep the Beard Clean and Beautiful

Currently there are several products geared especially for cleaning the shaving, moisturizing and even washing of the skin of the face, leaving it more healthy, which means that even those who do not have a beard or not sports facial hair worthy of the Marechal Deodoro can use.

Products To Keep the Beard Clean and Beautiful Always

1 – Shampoo for the beard and face of the Man Lab

The Beard & Face Wash men’s Lab works as a shampoo for the beard and liquid soap for the face. Its formula meets the needs of every skin type and features botanical extracts of green tea and Aloe Vera, giving your large formula can hydration. The perfume blends wood and bergamot, creating a fragrance manly without falling into the obviedades of the other brands that seem to copy the scent of the product one from the other.

By 45,90 – Buy here!

Note: there is a version of the Musk+Spices of that same product that is also very good, see here.


2 – Shampoo-Beard Sobrebarba Light My Fire

Hydrates the skin without making it oily and leaves the beard soft, with a pleasant freshness. Its formula has green tea which, among other things, help the beard to grow, malva to moisturize the hair and align the by, in addition to calendula oil to tone the skin and leave the beard healthy.

R$39,00 – 140 ml – Buy here!


3 – Shampoo for beard, hair and moustache Stark of Mahogany

This is the complete service: wash the beard, hair and mustache, despite the focus on the beard, leaving it lined and moisturized. Its active ingredients strengthen the strands and form a protective film that hydrates the skin and strengthens the wires. The scent is not the best, but also not bother me.

For R$39,00 – 200 ml – Buy here!


4 – Shampoo for beard, hair and moustache of the Lattans

One more that promises to cater to all the threads, but I think it most advisable to direct it to the beard only. The formula takes aloe vera, chamomile and green tea to leave the beard easy to comb, soft and hydrated. Of all is the one that has the perfume that I least like, and cliche, however it is the most accessible in terms of price.

R$19,90 – 250 ml – Buy here!


Mode of use:

Basically all products must be used with the beard and/or wet hair, just apply a little and massage it gently. Then just rinse well and repeat the operation if necessary.