4 Types of Boots That You Have

Love the majority of women wear high boots. These add a bold touch to your outfits, and don’t you forget it, you’re extremely elegant and timeless!
These boots as described in localcollegeexplorer are versatile and can be used with multiple clothing options, you only have to make sure you choose the most appropriate for that match your style.
Here are four types of boots that you must have this season.

1 heel boots low to a “classic look”

We all know that high heels make women look thinner and taller, but that does not mean that low heels should not be used. Low heel boots can be used with long dresses, and if you use a bright color dress, you can combine it with a darker color boots.

2 create a simple look with flat boots

This election is more popular among women who are of high stature.
If your dress is very simple, you can wear it with boots that have some accessories as zippers, elastics or tacks. The use of this type of boot is best seen with short skirts and dresses with small prints.

3 combines your style with heels

Not all skirts and dresses looks good with all types of boots. For example, skirts style pencil look much better with heeled boots. High heel boots come in different options like pointed heels, wedge heels, heels of cone, among others. All of these are perfect for women who want to look taller and elegant at the same time.

4. platform boots

Platform boots are also very popular and are used in both stature and tall stature women. The main reason for which are known as “platform” is because the part which is just under the sole of the boot is much thicker than the previous options. For many, these heels are more comfortable because the difference in height between the two extremes is not much.