What is 4G

Use the mobile internet is some of the most common. We are not talking about the WiFi connection but the service we have contracted with our operator. Beyond where we go, we receive our messages, we upload photos, we see videos… Of all.

What is 4G
Becoming is more popular and now operators are upgrading networks to improve speed in what is known as 4G. The fourth generation of mobile phones that today, in technology you to you, we explain what is.

What is that 4g?

4g, or fourth generation is the new standard you are using physical mobile phone networks. This is an increase of speed that allows that a lot of services can be used smoothly since, although it is now going well, go away from what they could give of themselves.
For years, mobile phone providers have invested in improving their networks for this moment: a historic change that thanks to the success which has now use the internet on a smartphone is reality. The change has begun to arrive in Spain for a few months.
Thus explained, leaving perhaps side the issue of speed, it sounds a bit abstract, but to understand it’s an evolution. We not notice it at first glance, as if we notice it when we stop using telephone connections on an ADSL router modem, but when we start to navigate and use the mobile if.
To get an idea, stop technician of a 3G connection that we can have on a smartphone any is 14Mbit/s per second. On the other hand, the 4G reaches the 1Gbit by second or. A notable difference, where every day we will notice the speed at which load everything.
Not only will it take less but things like Skype on the mobile calls, when we are in the street, will be possible and we won’t have to rely on the WiFi connection that we have more hand. The same for playing videos in high definition.

How and when can I use a 4G connection?

4G connections are available in Spain from a few months ago. That Yes, with two limitations. On the one hand geographical: currently works in a few large cities. On the other hand, only some operators have already operative: Movistar, Orange and Vodafone. The rest will have to wait.
Having said that, we need a smartphone compatible with this speed. Right now, not all market models support 4 G networks but some, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 are already prepared. If you want to know what, in El Corte Inglés we have prepared a selection of devices.
We have already had the opportunity to test them, and the truth is that it is worth jump if we plan to renew the mobile. Sure, that Yes, that in addition your operator and the area in which you live are compatible with 4G. eventually, eventually popularizing and everyone will enjoy this connection.
Source: 4G stands for 4th Generation – http://www.abbreviationfinder.org/acronyms/4g.html.