5 Makeup Tips for Brides and Wedding

Learn How to Choose Your Makeup for the Wedding Day
Every woman wants to be beautiful on your wedding day and all eyes are on it when you walk down the aisle. The makeup that will be used on the big day is one of the most important points and that no unforeseen few tips should be adopted so that the look of the bride be harmonious.
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Please Mind Your Dress and Hairstyle 
Initially focus on the most important part of the look of the wedding: the dress. Note the style, after a romantic dress asks a makeup on the same line as a dress with more modern court asks a bolder makeup. See more on http://www.ezhoushan.net/beauty/5-tips-on-makeup-kits/.
Another important point is the hairstyle you will wear on your wedding day, which should be chosen after the dress has been purchased or leased. As the whole look of the bride, everything should be thought harmonically, so there is a flow. So think of a hairstyle that creates harmony with your dress then to think about the makeup that will complement your dress and hairstyle. In the case of a more elaborate hairstyle, makeup should be thought of the same way, as if your hairstyle is simple, discreet makeup is ideal.

Time and Type of Ceremony 
Other factors that influence the time to choose your makeup for the wedding are the type of ceremony, place and time. All elements must talk to each other.
First see if the ceremony will be in a closed or open place, as in the case of an outdoor ceremony used products should have a greater fixation due to heat or moisture. Then, note the type of ceremony that will be held: for a traditional church wedding, the most sober and classic make-ups are the most suitable, for example. Finally, consideration is given to the time of the celebration, as makeup for the day should be less loaded than makeup for the night, being used lighter products and sun protection.
Look for a Good Professional 
The exact time to schedule a visit to the makeup artist is after the choice of dress, hairstyle, setting the ceremony location and time, it will be easier to develop the look. But do not let up time, after all, the more time before deciding the details of your wedding, the less stress you will have close to the date.
When planning your makeup, look for a good makeup artist, schedule visits to at least three professionals to choose which is best suited to your taste and budget. Look for references in makeups internet for brides you liked to exchange ideas with the professional who can tell you what works for your face type. Check the products that the makeup artist has, their techniques, pictures of other works and, if possible, take a makeup test to see if you feel comfortable with it.
After choosing your makeup, do makeup tests to find out what is best in you. If possible, check the hair test for the same day and visit your makeup right then so he can test the makeup with hair that you will use in your marriage. With the makeup ready, take pictures with flash to simulate how the makeup will be in the wedding photos.
Skin Care Products and Indicated 
For your makeup stay perfect, you should take extra care with your skin. As much as you want to be radiant on your big day, do not do any aesthetic treatment in the face to prevent mishaps from happening. Also, avoid exposing others to the sun, always using sunscreen with a protection factor according to your skin. Try to keep your skin clean and moisturized, washing it every day with soap specific to the region and toning with specific product. Always use a face moisturizer suitable for your skin type.
Products suitable for a perfect makeup marriage are those who leave the face with the most natural look possible, not weighing the look. HD bases are ideal, since they have a light cover and accumulate less in expression lines, giving a more natural finish. When choosing the tone of the base, choose a color tone of your skin while referring to the color of the neck and neck, creating a uniform. Also apply the base in the neck area and the neck so that his face not be in a different color.
When choosing blush, opt for a soft tone so that the effect becomes quite natural, because the cheeks should not be marked only with a healthy color.
When choosing the color of the shadow, escape the white shadow. Many brides find that the wedding day is the ideal choice, but will only weigh your look and will not give any depth to your eyes. Choose colors like eggplant, brown, black, burgundy, silver or blue.
Avoid products with cintilância, since the brightness can be evident in the pictures. If your skin is very oily, you can opt for matificantes fluids, which help to dry the areas which tend to be oily longer, great for the wedding day. Always choose products waterproof and long-lasting lipstick. For your makeup stay intact, choose the makeup fixative spray.
Have a Kit Emergency Makeup 
An important tip is to have a bag with an emergency makeup kit, after all, even if your makeup stay perfect, unexpected can happen. If you can not have her makeup artist on hand throughout the event, you can easily fix any flaws. Take the products that were used in their makeup like mascara, lipstick, pencil, blush, foundation and powder.