5 Makeup Tips for Eyes

1 – Makeup for eyes: shadow smoky graphite with black
2 – Makeup for eyes with red lipstick
3 – Makeup for eyes: 3D makeup for eyes
4 – makeup for eyes with two shadows
5 – Makeup for kitten eye eyes
Makeup for eyes is one of the most important points of the make up. Eyes set face enough. If you have large eyes, small or just want to gain the attention of his friends in a conversation, it is in the eyes that should work. After creating a visual to your liking, the rest will seem only accessory. You do not know how to do? We have some tips on how to use the makeup case to gain a more beautiful look below.
1 – BLACK Makeup for eyes: Smoky Shadow Graphite with Black 
This dual color is considered the most basic of basic in makeup for the night. Usually do better on fair skin, but black can use if the proposal is to highlight the lips. The trick is to first apply an eyeliner on the top and bottom in fine and specific traits.
Eyelid, apply a bit of silver shadow on the next part of the nose. Then apply black shadow from the middle to the end and will have a dramatic look. Using a brush for makeup fine bristles, visual blur to become lighter and less concentrated. pigment type of shadows are great for this style.

2 – Makeup for Eyes with Red Lipstick
Makeup Tips for Eyes
Red is a strong color of lipstick and so should be used with caution. It does not serve the tone on tone, so try not to use red shade with red lipstick. It may have been a luxury in the 90s, but it is not legal now.
Red lipstick combines best with light shadows on the lips have their due prominence. One example is using golden shade with eyeliner only a trace (for even mark the look) and a light smoky with red lipstick. So your lips earn their due prominence.
To use red lipstick, the tip is to opt for more open tone only if you have white skin or Asian type. The wine and colors closed variants of this match better with the dark skin and does not seem exaggerated. nude or natural makeup combine very well with red lips.
3 – Makeup for Eyes: 3D Makeup for Eyes
Makeup Tips for Eyes
Not for any occasion and not everyone knows how to apply, so be careful to double your makeup does not migrate from glamor to the error in a few taps. Beware the color palette and use only at night, always. Use two or more colors if you have small eyes and want to stand out and care for the eyeliner. It must be hard to match this kind of dramatic eyes.
3D makeup, eyes are highlighted and should use black eyeliner to contrast with the use of strong colors. The lips should be more closed colors or just be a gloss. The lips should shine. If a makeup for party or falling into the ballad, oh yes the strong lipsticks are allowed.
4 – Makeup for Eyes with Two Shadows 
Makeup Tips for Eyes
Using two colors is more than common in make up for eyes. After all, why use only one color when you can have two gorgeous shades? It’s not complicated.
Choose two complementary colors in some way. Can be tone on tone or totally opposing the palette of shades, from which appear in the visual harmonicas. Suggestions: black and white, green and blue, pink and lilac, green and violet. Many other proposals are possible and do well equally.
After applying eyeliner in cilia without going through d’agua line, pass a little shade on a line just above the trace of the eyes. Use a straighter brush to it.
Now pass one second stroke using the shadow and the brush and not blur. The effect should be harder and finish the eyelid. Spend a mascara feel their hair off.
5 – Makeup for Eyes Kitten’s Eye 
Makeup Tips
Used by singers like Adele, visual kitten was fever in the 50s and 60s and now and then reemerges as a very intense retro trend. Doing this kind of design is very simple. First pass a little eyeliner on the top of the eyes and then start to leave thinner trace in the middle of the eye at the time of the pupil. Do the same with the dash at the bottom. Draw a lying V (>) and pull the end to stretch the famous cat eye.