5 Myths About Running Shoes You Should Not Go On!

You do not these misses?

  1. The “best running shoes”
    “What are the best running shoes this year?” is a not entirely unusual question we receive. Well, it would be great if you could nominate one that works for everyone and everything.

But it is not so simple after all. There are a whole lot of factors that come into play. Running form, running style, feet, … What is the perfect shoe for your neighbor or your running mate, might be completely wrong for you. When we at Runner’s World selects a shoe, for example, “Editor’s choice” means simply that it works great for what it is designed for and has received high marks from many testers. Elishui can help you to select and give an indication of what shoes that fit you, but in the end it’s still about the personal choice.

  1. All Nikes are structured in the same way (or Brooks, Adidas, New balance’s)
    How many have heard someone say I run only in XXXX shoes ….?)

A brand really tells us very little about a shoe because basically every manufacturer has a skostall that involve everything from minimalist shoes at really well-made plays, and they differ greatly in both fit and performance.
But there are certainly similarities between the shoes last wont be the same, so if you find a brand that suits your even, your ankles, etc. so the likelihood great that other shoes from the same manufacturer will fit you well. But-it may be different if the shoes are completely different from each other, and do not forget that when the labels change their design so can also last changes.
3. A shoe is like a recipe.
You go the right way and take you to a professional shop that will help you to try out shoes by examining your feet and analyse your running style. Then go from there and have been told that you pronate and have a little weak ankles. So now do you think that’s the way you run-the rest of your life. But no, so it does not need to be.
Certainly there are some genetic conditions that affect your running style, but much changed over time. Factors such as your weight, your muscle strength, mobility, balance, your Cadence, running efficiency and speed can change a lot in a relatively short period of time. Why make it a habit to test yourself on a regular basis. In addition, there is actually not just a truth about how you run. Different vendors, physiotherapists and runners can see, analyze and place emphasis on different things, without any of them need to be incorrect.

  1. Monogamy is a virtue
    When it comes to love life, monogamy keep you from trouble. But when it comes to shoes it can faktiiskt be the other way around. After testing you through a bunch of different models and gone on a few rivets, finally something that feels really good. So they choose almost every round. And when they should be replaced if you buy new ones in the same model. Are you really fast if you buy a couple of extra and have in stock-for what if they would not go to get more!! But research has shown that it is good to replace shoes periodically. Different shoes affect your running style slightly differently and strengthen new muscles. The variation makes you all in all both stronger, faster and less injury prone.
  2. Shoes can make you faster.
    The oldest and most stubborn myth of them all. You will find just the right type of shoes your hours to be cut on a magically. Sure, a shoe make you feel faster-but the actual progress comes from your muscles, your heart and your lungs. So the only way a shoe can make you faster is through abrasion.