6 Abdominals to Lose Belly

What if you just had to do sit-ups to lose belly? It was good, was not it? These sit ups can help you get a belly to make anyone envious.

6 Abdominals to Lose Belly

“Do abdominals to lose belly “. Have they never told you this phrase? Many people believe that doing sit-ups regularly helps eliminate fat in the belly zone. But reality is different.

If your goal is to tone the belly , the abdominals can be your great ally in this battle, after all, it is not by chance that one speaks of doing sit-ups to lose belly.

However, these exercises do not specifically serve to eliminate fat from the abdominal area, but rather to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, leaving it with a sexy and defined look.


A well toned belly is the goal of many men and women, especially at the time of walking with the belly on display. Get to know 6 abdominals to lose belly that will help you see results well before the arrival of summer.


  • Lie on a mattress with your back flat on the floor;
  • Flit your legs with your knees toward the ceiling and feet flat on the floor;
  • Keep your hands behind your head and your elbows behind, out of your field of vision;
  • The head should be in a neutral position with space between the chin and the chest;
  • Then move your chest upwards, contracting your abs and raising your shoulders off the floor.

Tip: Exercise should be done only with the strength of the abdominal muscles, without straining the back. To do this, keep your head and back in a neutral position, where you have no pain in your neck or back. Start by doing 3 sessions of 15 sit-ups and, over time, increase this number gradually, without exceeding its limit.


  • Lying on the floor, place your left foot over your right knee and keep your hands behind your head;
  • Lift your shoulders off the floor and move so that your right elbow tries to touch your left knee;
  • Return to the starting position and do the necessary repetitions. Do both sides.

Tip: If you want, you can alternate sides with each repetition. Doing so will get more tired, but you will be using your muscles in a more symmetrical way.


  • Lying on the floor, place a raised leg, with the knee forming a 90 degree angle;
  • Raise the ribs, causing the shoulder to come toward the opposite knee.

Tip: Do not bend your elbow to your knee instead of your shoulder as this creates tension in your neck and causes exercise to have no effect.


  • Lie on your back with your knees level with your chest and your arms on the floor leaning against your body;
  • Alternate the extension of the legs, extending one leg until it is straight and while one leg is being collected, begin to extend the other;
  • Continue to repeat the process, as if you were riding a bike, until you do the necessary repetitions.

Tip: Keep your back straight while exercising. If you can not keep your back straight, you should reduce your leg extension. This exercise can also be used as a warm-up before doing a leg workout.


  • Lie on the floor, with your legs straight up and your feet pointing toward the ceiling;
  • Cross your knees and place your hands behind your head to ensure stability;
  • Contract your abs by raising your shoulders off the floor and keeping your legs firmly in place while doubling the usual crunching motion in classic abdominal exercises.

Tip: Depending on your physical condition, do between 1 and 3 sets of 12 to 16 repetitions



  • Sit on the fitness mat;
  • Raise your legs off the floor and hold them together as you begin to rotate them in a circular motion;
  • Continue to repeat the movement until you reach the desired repetitions.

Tip: Although this exercise is not as difficult as the previous ones, it is good to work the oblique abs calmly. A good technique is to leave this exercise to the end of the workout when you are less energetic.