7 Imitations of Devices More Chuscas Android We'Ve Seen

Today we have the power to access at any time to the largest in the world, Internet store. If we give a turn through pages of sale of Android phones we have varied terminals both specifications and price. If we stop to observe the design some will remember us too to some mobile high-end and even make them with a wink by adding your name or part of the.
In technological times that run everything that has a minimum of success It is imitated in a very short time, finding ourselves both with good copies as with clattering attempts that have nothing in common with the device to copy. In this article we will try several cases that have tried to copy a product or an idea that could not be other than a factor in common, with more or less success Android.

Samsung Galaxy S5

We started with a King in the world of fakes and imitations that can be found in the network without strive too. We find replicas from the 120 to $220 but they all have in common MediaTek in the section on processors. Then let’s see two examples in which we do not find the famous fingerprint reader as much as we are looking for.

Goophone S5 Plus, Pro and Elite

With an aspect very similar to the original the only difference at first sight is the brand name engraved in the back instead of Samsung. The differences between the three versions are on your screen resolution from 960 × 540 to the 1920 x 1080 pixels, your memory RAM of 1 GB or 2 GB, camera and of course the processor. In this last section we find the MTK6582 of quad-core 1.3 GHz in the lower version while in the two upper we have eight cores MTK6592 1.7 GHz.
Goophone | Goophone S5

Android S5

We have a copy in which we do not see anywhere in the name of the manufacturer, commonplace in these devices. Physically it tries to imitate with less success than in the previous case to the original terminal, but has the same processor the lower model, the MTK6582. Surprisingly the attached screenshots we can read HealthCare without providing additional information.
Coolphone | Android S5

iPhone 5

If you are reading Xataka Android has not confused, don’t panic. Imitations in the design of the phone’s Apple with Android heart they exist and we even have to choose. The question that comes to mind is, what type of consumer to buy these devices? will they be aware to 100 per cent of those who are acquiring? Anyway we will see two different options.

ioPhone 5

Including promotional video present us this terminal Android with a design similar to the “economic” iPhone 5 c. For 110 euros, we can purchase this device with processor MTK6572 cores and 512 MB of RAM. We are undoubtedly against one of the mobile star article also will not have to opt for a single color, but that they are interchangeable covers and are all included.
More information | ioPhone 5

Goophone i5S

Goophone reappears and becomes in this case get up to a visually similar to the iOS interface. The processor as it has become the custom, and to save costs is a MediaTek MTK6572W of dual-core 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM and surprisingly the screen does not have the Retina Display technology. Everything would not be inconvenience so its price is around $ 140.
Goophone | i5S

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Imitations world has not complied with the mobile and will sheepishly appear some device in an effort to live our dolls. The main difference is that the majority of these replicas are designed to work in a way totally independent, since they offer us the possibility of introducing both a SIM card and memory card. After much searching we have found something similar to the current smartwarches, Podoor PW305.

Podoor PW305

This device based on Linux It has an appearance very similar to the Samsung Gear range. It can operate with any Android device and account functions as listen to music, check the device’s camera, make you sound when you don’t find it and even call thanks to its built-in microphone and the speaker. Its battery allows to reach the three days of use. It is priced at $112.
w2comp | Poodor PW305

Google Glass

If we can not wait to buy the Google Glass or that some company present some similar glasses, the network we can find alternatives with more and less utility. Then we will see two options that have nothing to do one with the other in features or price.


Vuzix we presented at the beginning of 2013 these smart glasses simulate a device handsfree is extended to our eye to give us the feeling of a screen of four inches. With heart Android, it’s a good device with processor Texas Instruments OMAP4430 and 1 GB of RAM that we can acquire for 999 dollars. Its only drawback perhaps autonomy since its 550 mAh provide us some two hours of active screen.
Vuzix | M100

Google Glass Replica Fake MK3

Would you like a Google Glass for 47 euros? Yes, it is possible, but if you are looking for useful features is not the best option. This page dedicated to selling items printed in 3D allows us buy a reproduction of the Google Glass in material that you like us, with which they can show off in front of our friends provided No request us to try them.