7 Little Things That Always We Are Evil Women

There are three things in our day to day that you always arrive at the worst possible time such as the end of the month, aging and that week in which hormones take over us – and up to Bastille if you do lack – and mounted a chaos in our body and in our State of mind. But, without reaching these extremes, there are other things that can come to us just as bad or worse without being so dramatic.

That guy need to celebrate something or has had a horrible day and appears with a bottle of wine and half a kilo of chocolate. Just when you’ve started the diet and take all day to sacrifice yourself like a champion based on raw fruits and vegetables, chicken breasts grilled and “agüita” from the tap. What do? Go you to leave alone celebrating that they have given a rise / an opportunity / has won his soccer team? Or are going to be so cruel not to support him when they have shot him a project / his boss him has cast an angry / in your favorite team are all about packages?

Get manicure. In a world in which everything is rush, come there is haste, having to take your good half an hour to let dry nail lacquer It is a luxury you can afford. There are always things to do in which be manca comes fatal. And no, I do not mean to scrub the pots but trivialities as take out bag keys, buckle up jeans or reply to this mail of urgency.

You stay without the mobile battery. And just when you were having a conversation very interesting with your friend by guassap which was going to confess who likes office or were about to break all records in the Candy Crash. Clear, for something you’ve left your phone dry, because you carry all day abusing it with crap, but now you have ahead forty minutes from public transportation and the only distraction check around here no one has the glamour of the people travelling in the airports.

He has left you a rash, and not exactly discreet. Who says a rash, says a grain, a pimple, a volcano that leaves the Krakatoa in ridiculous with his threat to explode and put it all lost. And just now have a meeting / a party/event/a date with that special guy.

That the of your electric company to cut light. Even a microsecond. Enough for will desprograme you all and you have to return to the microwave and the oven in time. And clear, you no longer remember how did that, so now your microwave believed living in 1994 and you’re going to get popcorn to see feeling of living.

Meet with your ex. That should only happen by premeditation and treachery and not any day in which you have dirty hair and you’ve gone home so hastily that you or put you rimmel.

A call your mother or that friend who lives on the other side of the world. A call that last forty minutes or more just when you have to exit through the door, dry your hair until it becomes a chaos or give supper to children. Not would be far better for you to call them when you come phenomenal you and fatal to them?

Missed the bus, put some panties, having to visit the service urgently, etc. The list of little things that come evil is endless and, worse still, impossible to avoid. But always we have the sense of humor to cope with it as best we can.

Photos: Gemma, Matt Heger

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February 21, 2018

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