7 Reasons to Use Primer Makeup

The primer is another innovation of the cosmetics industry. A prepaid product makeup incredible that came to make a difference in make up.
Already entered for the basic kit of makeup. And there are those who do not rely on this type of product.
Know if a beauty product meets their needs is what will determine whether you need to or not. In other words, is it a necessary product for you?
The site brings the 7 reasons to use primer on makeup. All for you to evaluate and see if it really will be useful in your need.

  1. Disguise the pores open. Just the makeup can’t handle the pores. It’s not in world they are so obvious, but some people like to soften them. The first contracts the pores and makes them look smaller.
  2. Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and expression lines. The finish of the makeup looks better in these areas.
  3. Saves makeup. This type of product leaves the skin more smoother, more uniform. The makeup slide easier, with less use of product. Is impressive.
  4. Greater duration of makeup. Have to reapply makeup in the middle of a long duration event is boring. Imagine awedding long event that everyone has fun and everything? The primer guarantees long-lasting makeup.
  5. Reduces glare. Oily skin and the t-zone (combination skin) can represent a problem for many people. Even the makeup oil free, often can’t cope with the control of oil. Is a cosmetic that leaves the skin more velvety. Choose a mattifying primer!
  6. Reduces acne scars. It fills the rows of scars and evens the skin. No deep scars. It can be a success to disguise these imperfections, but does not work miracles.
  7. Intensifies the region you want. There are primers specific to some parts of the face (eyelids, mouth). Black shadow in the eye? Red mouth pin up? The fixed primer best makeup of these areas of the face.

The truth is, not everyone needs primer. It is not essential in all her makeup. Some people can use just for a makeup that requires more durability, for a casual event. A good makeup can exist without him.
Remember that the most important thing for a beautiful skin is the daily care (cleaning, hydration, demaquilagem, and more on http://www.health-beauty-guides.com/) and the power supply.
The product that really is indispensable in everyday life is the sunscreen!
What do you think about the primer? Do you really need? What reason? Comment! Share your experience of beauty.