A Shoe Male for Your Days More Female, Dare You?

I love shoes, I’m an addicted to them and I never have enough. And there is a style that I define as dare with all and depending on the day I look one or the other.

There are days that I like to wear flat shoes with a male touch, from there to the final outfit to be more feminine. that is why I always turn to the Classic loafers or type oxford shoes: with some skinny jeans and a gauzy blouse got a 10 outfit.
And there are many firms which for This new season they present us with more (and more) versions. How would you like them? You can choose between patent leather, leather, buckles, lace-up or two-color. I already I have several ringed, do you have yours?

  • Moccasins with heel thickness and low of Zara, 69.95 EUR.
  • Flat lace-up platform shoes of New Look, 26,01 EUR.
  • Moccasin with tassels and platform of Mango, 55,99-EUR.
  • Oxford silver shoe of Zara, 45,95 EUR.
  • Two-tone Oxford shoes of New Look, 26,01 EUR.
  • Shoe oxford tacking of Mango, 79.99 euros.
  • Moccasins dark blue with tassels of Topshop, 65 euros.
  • Golden buckle of Topshop, 72 euros.