Accept Boots from Zara as a Clone of Isabel Marant?

Whenever I enter the main World of Amancio Ortega (i.e. Zara) it is as if entered into the universe of the clone. Or if you prefer in the paradise of the inspirations.
Many garments of the firm must remember slightly (and others not so light way) to its large firms.

Today I’ve spent there as who didn’t want the thing and … Zas! Hunted. Boots of Isabel Marant for this Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 campaigning for presenting them in white (horror!) but that they are also available in black and grey are already in its low-cost. Although there are some changes.
And is that instead of having the rain of fringes on the sides, we find them in the rear. And instead of being wedge are flat (and of beige color). But how I like them! The touch is good (excellent raw) and its price is €100.
Not very high considering that before and above the knees. They are great to wear with skinny (wide and ideal). You day to her charms?
I’m thinking it me & #8230;