According to EA The Next Generation of Devices Mobile Will Have a Xbox 360 and PS3 Graphics

A couple of months ago Electronic Arts announced that they are porting to Android and iOS its graphics engine, Frostbite, an engine used in games like the latest serial Battlefield, Medal of Honor, or Army of Two and it seems that in the version for mobile devices, it will offer great graphics.
EA Labels, Frank Gibeau, President in an interview about the development of games for mobile devices has reported that soon these devices they will be very similar to those of the Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics and that they are already carrying these consoles for these mobile devices games adapting controls.
In the near future, with the new wave of tablets and phones will have close to Xbox 360 or PS3’s graphics capabilities. Some of our current engines for consoles, with modifications, can run games on phones and tablets. We are preparing for that.
You have to redesign the game. You can not limit yourself to place a virtual pad on the tablet. That doesn’t work. You have to work around the voice, the camera and the touch screen. Our teams is it are going big with it, re-imagining the tablet experience, using the same graphics and creations but contributing a new mix. Same ingredients, different food. That is the way in which we are thinking.
Everything points to the coming new high-end Android devices last year to offer graphics similar to the current generation of consoles. NVIDIA reported a few months ago hoping that its Tegra 5 offers the coming year graphics at the height of the Xbox 360 and PS3.