Acer TravelMate 6463 LMi

At 6463LMi travel mate, an Intel dual-core processor does core 2 Duo T5500 (clock rate 1.66 GHz) its data service. And so good that the working speed in the test laboratory receives a unique Note: very good a smooth one! The GPU (ATI X 1300) can access 128 MB own memory. He calculated an average 29 frames per second (test Note: 3.48). Not enough power for a gaming PC, but a solid result for a notebook. That needed to start travel mate quite a long: it was in the lab after one minute and 19 seconds ready for use.

Data Storage
The TravelMate is equipped with 1024 MB memory. That is properly sized for the used Windows XP Professional. And even if the memory-hungry Windows Vista Home Premium to be used, there should be no problems. If necessary, the memory but also on up to 2048 megabytes can be extended. The DVD writer describes all major DVD formats, even the less frequently used DVD-RAM media and dual-layer DVD discs (double layer).
the integrated S-ATA hard disk offers space for 120 gigabytes of data. Special feature: Is the notebook from a table, a special sensor detects this and brings the hard drive in the rest position. That prevents damage to the stored data.
Image Quality
This is Acer TravelMate with a 15-inch (38 cm) screen in the 4:3-equipped format. This has the consequence, that movies in 16:9-widescreen are represented with black strips above and below the image. Plus: Unlike many entry-level has travel mate an anti-reflective screen that offers a clear picture without annoying reflections in bright surroundings.
analog stereo inputs and outputs and the microphone input are located on the front. This is useful when a headphones to be connected. Digital audio connections are completely missing, therefore there is also no way home cinema sound (Dolby Digital or DTS) to forward to a corresponding hi-fi system DVD. The sound of the speakers was rather tinny and thin in the first hearing test, but that is a problem with almost all notebooks have to fight.