Adriane Galisteu Bags

The model and TV presenter Adriane Galisteu has invested heavily in its brand. Owner of a luxury brand, the loiríssima of nature and a talent for fashion decided to launch articles for women. And all with success! The Scholarships Adriane Galisteu, who are part of your bag collection, are in the market for a few years and with each new year, a new collection to please to variations of the fashion trends and women’s diverse tastes.
The highlight of the line of handbags Adriane Galisteu is the proposal of the collections: versatility. Made in leather, they range from minimum sizes for the bags, with or without handle, until the most basic for the day to day, like everything loads, sides with short handles. The new collection brings mostly saddle-bags for the day to day, focusing on modern and practical woman. There are internal pockets and a mini wallet for general use.

Colors and Models of Handbags Adriane Galisteu

According to the presenter, the collection of handbags was drafted by a personal designer and friend, but the entire collection always goes through your concept and approval. There are pieces that she would use in their day to day without any problem, with colors that she likes. There are models with short handles and stretching option to be installed via plugin or not, and make the stock market higher.
The colors are traditional brazilian fashion: light blue, yellow, green, red, black and brown. The golden touch is present in some of the models, personal choice of Adriane, who loves the color.

Prices of Handbags Adriane Galisteu

The bags of Adriane Galisteu collection have a price change considered pleasant for the material and the Brazilian market. Made in leather, ranging from 100 to 350 R$ R$ tops. The entire collection was released by itself, with its presence at fashion shows and also in the book of mark for disclosure. She is the model, the concept and elaboradora donates its name to products, with total confidence in the quality of the items.

Where to Shop Adriane Galisteu Bags

Even being a feminine brand, Galisteu no invested in your own online store. Left now to join their products and sell in diverse stores of items of women’s fashion.
Our site is the store for men and women compose your wardrobe sells only accessories of well-known brands, among them the bags Adriane Galisteu. The models range from 100 R$ to 300 R$ and are updated according to the releases of the supermodel.
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