Adultescentes: or How Being a Mother without Seem to Your Mother

Admit it: having children today is a totally different experience to which our mothers lived. Because mature, evolve and procreate does not mean giving up the things that have always liked, to have our hobbies ever and live life as give us wins. But some has gone them of hands and every time things are more those who are pointing to the “adultescente” phenomenon.

Beyond the thirty adolescent is no longer exclusive heritage of recalcitrant single people, fans of the Peter Pan syndrome and that relative we all have that still not is it has independent of their parent’s House. Be “adultescente” today is in the hands of anyone. Yes, even those who are parents and have to be held accountable to wear a House and organize a family can fall into the trap of late adolescence.

Because be mother or father in the 21st century doesn’t mean that you have to look like your parents. Not at all. Quite the opposite. I tell you seriously. But, ojocuidao, because the ends were never good and some have been taken too abreast of remain themselves and live life at your own pace.

1.- Because his “uniform” to go to school is just like that they already wore when they went to the Institute.A Converse, worn jeans and your favorite band t-shirt. And shoot.

2.- They enjoy more watching cartoons to their children and they are aware of all the chapters that have already repeated thousand five hundred times of time of adventure and the amazing world of Gumball.

3 and his collection of cartoons/comics/Movies/TV/etc series. It is larger than the one of the kids in the House. And their list for Christmas, also.
And you can behave like a real niñatas as you can think them put a hand over his corpse bride figurine.

4 because they think that educate their children It is not at odds with behave, speak and act like when they had 17.While their children told to stop already and stop dancing in the middle of the street, which are embarrassing to them.

5.- Eat bags of sweets birthday that you bring the College secretly.
And then tell them that they have done for their own good, so do not leave them decay. And so MOM is in a better mood when they give anxiety attacks Nocturnes that give.

6 stick. les nails tremendous playing console beatings.
They are confident that let them win wouldn’t do them any good. Life is pain and soon learn, much better.

7.-buy tickets for the concert of your favorite bands without checking if they have Kangaroo before.
When it comes to longer life will be searched as.

8.- Out of the reeds with her friends always It is sacred.

9. How is also sacred give a visual overview of this new hottie that has entered the office and throw miraditas racy.They like to play, in all senses.

10 because they look in the mirror and you’re still including them, those of before… what milk! If you now feel better than ever, because now we have forgotten what is the sense of the ridiculous and they are full of pasta for their whims portfolio.

11. the mother sacrificed not going with them.

12 but they are capable of a washer, explaining a problem of geometry and chat by guassap while they dance the last cd of Vetusta Morla like crazy.

13 and most importantly, because do not feel guilty of having his own life. Only his.

If while you are reading this list you asentías with the head and smiled inside, congratulations: you are one “adultescente” with all of the law. Welcome to a wonderful world in which you yourself can be shamelessly and without renouncing to be small. You’re probably a little selfish and a both (or enough) irresponsible, but you aparentas many years that you have actually. Or that you think.

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February 16, 2018

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