After a Year of Hard Work You Deserve an Increase and We Have The Keys to The Ask

With the crisis which has dropped us over it seems that the mere fact of having a job of work and pay at end of month is already to occur with a song in the teeth. But comply with your salary is nothing if you think that you deserve to earn more or that your effort is not rewarded enough. In addition, are in your right to try. And if you follow these tips, get it.

Just think to ask for a pay raise your heads causes you tachycardia, dizziness, and the highest voltage to an overload of the mains. Of the things that you least want to do right now, if not we have prepared all the paperwork to make your tax return or get to do typical home spring cleaning (is there someone who does that, apart from your mother?). But still we are starting the year labor and it is a good time to take stock of your work, count your successes of the past year and showing your bosses that you deserve that extra month. It is also demostradisimo that he does not cry…

We give you a few tips to you feel safe to speak up your heads, from how to calculate the salary you deserve, going through the best time or how to ask for it. You’ll see how you don’t face this conversation in a similar state of freezing of your payroll.

1 calculate how much you should be gaining.

According to Azucena Corral, responsible for human resources of a great Spanish multinational, the first step is to check if you are charging which legally corresponds to. In other words, the first step should be review the collective agreement of your work area to find out if they are paying you well within your professional category. It is an overwhelmingly obvious, according to this professional of RR. HH., but not everyone is aware of this. You can also do a study on the sector and the average pay to calculate if yours is in this parameter or are below.

2 analyze the work that you do.

There are jobs in the chain that will not charge more than the partner’s side. For example, in a production line. You can not ask for more money as much as you want because wages already tend to be established for each position. But in another type of work Yes There is an added value, what you contribute more to your work. For example, the level of language, business contacts, your computer skills, etc. Anything that will make you stand above the rest.

At this point, according to Azucena Corral it is also important analyze your productivity. Take overtime to galore does not mean that you are more efficient than your classmates (a mistake frequently committed in our country). But yes you can spend you’re the typical person who takes more tasks and responsibilities of his own, to effectively resolve or carried the largest work weight while others scratch their belly.

Sonia Rodriguez Muriel, Director of RR. HH. Derprosa Film and author of a professional blog about RR. HH., also advise us to take stock of your professional success and based on the results: concrete facts and much better if it can be with quantitative data.

3 make a list with your findings.

When you have all the data, and they are the most objective possible (a little self-criticism in this section), extract your findings in a no longer paragraph of five lines. This is the second key step in your career to get a pay rise.

A Council which gives us our expert in RR. HH. It’s just you do not compare with anyone from your around and that always highlights your good results. Azucena also insists us that before sitting down and, once you have clear points that stand out and what do you do to make the company money, put an economic value to that: i.e., you calculate what should be the amount of the rise. It must always be something reasonable, It is real and possible. If you order something stratospheric your superiors will not make case and in the long run you’ll be hurting.

4 find out what day is the more appropriate to speak to your superiors.

The right time It is almost as important as the speech that you have prepared to achieve your objectives or work that you’ve played all the time. Each company has their own rules and your third step will be to find out. In some it is normal to ask for a pay rise at the end of the year. In others, during the annual review of objectives or your performance evaluation. In others, there are no rules, in which case you can choose a day where there is good news in the company or that you consider that the environment is tremendously positive. And if your superiors have only a budget adjusted for all employees salary increases, wait no longer and advance them want to talk about the matter so you have in mind when distributing it.

Sonia R. Muriel also makes impact at the time. According to this professional of the RR. HH. It is important to choose the moment, thinking not only the company, but also the person who must authorize salary. For it is necessary study the company’s policy: Some companies make the wage revision at a time of the year, trying to adapt to follow this cycle.

5 ask for it and get it.

At this crucial point, How are your superior is really important. Maybe it’s one of those people who like to go to the grain. In that case, the most appropriate approach is to write you an email requesting an appointment with a clear objective and a message very clear: “I wonder if we can sit awhile to review my salary”. But perhaps your superior is those who are easily frightened and prefer a softer approach. In that case, you can take a weekly meeting solo review of objectives to tell that given your results of the last year/quarter/project you would like to talk about the possibility of an increase in your salary.

As Azucena suggests, have prepared a small document, that paragraph summary with our achievements and successes, it is key to addressing this conversation. Although your superior can have an idea of what you do in your day to day, may not have in mind all tasks that you assume and all your success. Tell you is critical in achieving this increase when you’re.

Sonia R. Muriel gives us several keys at this decisive point. First, it is advisable to prepare for the meeting to request the increase of salary, test well before what you will say, the facts that you will present, arguments, etc. Improvisation for such an important subject is not usually good in these cases travel companion. Then it is advisable to avoid mentioning other colleagues or salaries of others. Focus on you, your value to the company in which you’ve contributed and you can contribute, and above all, it focuses on conversation from a positive and constructive point of view even if the answer is NO. And finally, Sonia makes us emphasize that you take care with your body language and your image. In a professional setting is important. The image you project also launches a message and can strengthen your speech or adversely affect the same.

And if you have a big NO?

It is not the end of the world. Nobody likes that they reject him, of course, but also has to be a reason to give up. The first thing you should do is ask if they be considered in the future, when it is time. If your superior is unable to tell you, in that case it is a signal that is not doing its job well or that the company is not well structured. But in the case that give you a reasonable and logical response to why not granted you an increase, you can consider the outcome of the meeting as positive. Now you know exactly what you have to do to get the next time to give you a great if.


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