Alaia and Their Shoes: Pure Object of Desire

That’s not fair. Do you know when you are walking through a store and just you encaprichas the most expensive clothing? Because something I just passed
I was digging in The Outnet to see if it was a bargain in the form of sandals and I have found with the Alaia shoes. They have seemed all wonderful. Absolutely all.

But the price is… around 400-500 euros, and that are discounted. Their original prices exceed the thousand EURAC. Come on, what has been the salary average a Spaniard of a foot. So I’ll have to look at them as an object of desire and point. Yet it will be much cheaper than their new creations of Haute Couture.
The bitonal mixing black and gold (pure trend) I liked.
Boots, boots, sandals, have a modern touch but not be excessive.
Highlights of the die cuts, recurrent in his creations of the fashion line, and trends as the printed Python or the Golden that both will be this winter. In the end, that can afford it. To know that I hate it and envy it equal parts.