Alain Mikli Eyeglasses

Alain Mikli eyeglasses are, since 1978 the reference brand of optics. For 30 years, Alain Mikli defending its values of “correction and distinction”. His glasses, between tradition and innovation, aesthetics and technology, are the result of French handmade and proprietary research. His collections are aesthetic and functional, creative, and technically advanced. They are addressed to men and women with a strong identity, passionate style and demanding in terms of comfort.

Specially designed for women, the new eyeglasses “Chamarel” consists of a checkerboard pattern. Sign of brand recognition, it grants squares and colours and is available in 9 exclusive harmonies!
The man Biozero collection: view models are always equipped with branches in carbon fiber: very masculine, very light, high strength and finesse, for men who stick to the basics! Sunglasses Alain Mikli and Philippe Starck are cutting-edge technology and luxury with a face in material gravity and branches in carbon fiber.
The old collections
Collection carbon Biozero to man: a new range of biozero carbon fiber: male models very durable, flexible and light.
Chamarel collection for women: With its checkerboard pattern, Alain Mikli accords with luxury square and colors brightly and declines his models in 9 exclusive harmonies.
Among the technological innovations of the brand:
The Rok technology: a transformation of cellulose acetate that stabilizes over time distortion: glasses do not lose their original shape.
The patented hinge Chaam: an ingenious system of adjustable closing stop, branches are not in contact with the glasses, thus avoiding any risk of scratches on the lenses.
Optician training, the Designer Alain Mikli is passionate. He has created a special relationship with its customers in its shops. Thus one finds optics professionals who bring their tailored advice to help you find the best frame and the best lenses in function of your body, your personality and your Visual defect.
One idea: turn a liability as a sign of personality offer style to a constraint, here is the key message of recent advertising campaigns Mikli.
The brand Mikli is alive! regularly revitalised by the imagination and style. She’s always looking for the difference, the addition, she explores constantly.
For its 2012 collection, Alain Mikli has collaborated with Jean-Paul Gaultier: “Jean Paul Gaultier by Mikli” sunglasses collection is composed of multilunettes to three branches that remind of a comb and the sailor… Model (1)
Model (2)
ALAIN MIKLI sunglasses plastic women black and white patterned checkerboard, elegant and original mount to thick branches. 2011.
Model (3)
Matt eyeglasses in metal and acetate. All models of this 2011 collection are made in cellulose acetate, 75 percent cotton. This material is unique and exclusive to Alain Mikli. Mother-of-Pearl, inclusion in cellulose acetate, is the richness of the material slightly rough and slightly masculine MATT. The appearance is mat outside of the mount (to reduce reflections of mother of Pearl), shiny and smooth inside. The glasses have flexible hinges amflex or chaam.
“It is not because you are blind as a bat to be sexy like a mole” (advertising slogan 1998 MIKLI)