Alcatel OneTouch at CES in Las Vegas

Alcatel OneTouch announced at CES in Las Vegas his new CareTime, watch that communicates with pre-approved contacts and incorporating a GPS Locator. Designed for children ages 5 to 9 years, the watch CareTime with 2 g connection allows parents to call or send voice messages to their children.

Alcatel OneTouch at CES in Las Vegas
Using a simplified user interface, children can answer calls of 10 preset contacts and make calls to registered numbers 5.
“Today, connected objects are part of the daily experience of many children and CareTime can be easily adapted to their needs, as well as those of their parents,” said Vittorio Di Mauro, General Manager of Smart Connectivity of Alcatel OneTouch
Thanks to the dedicated smartphone application, compatible with both Android and iOS 4.3 and 7 higher than with school, parents can locate the position of their children and receive notifications when children enter or leave a secure area, such as CES. See AbbreviationFinder for what does CES stand for.
Using a combination of GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi, CareTime is able to locate children within 60 seconds using accurate localization information, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to dedicated cloud service.
CareTime has a long battery life, up to four days of use, and is certified IP65, resistant so dust and low pressure jets of water. CareTime will be available in two color schemes.
At the moment, there is no information regarding rates and availability on the market.