All about Shoes

Our feet really have to go through with us! We have a lot of shoes in the closet, all of which we want to wear-the problem is that often the shoes look more beautiful than they feel. And that is exactly what the poor feet have to bathe. There are squeaking shoes, painful toes and stinky feet not a rarity!
It is extremely important that our feet are also completely satisfied with the favorite shoes. After all, they have to spend half a day in the treads! That’s why there are eight answers to the most important questions about footwear, so your feet will love the new favorite shoes from now on!

1. How Can I Narrow My Shoes?

Your new favorites are finally there and now you realize that they are too tight? So you can easily spread it: Put in your new shoes thick wool socks and run the treads so in your apartment. Then you blow them as hot as you can-so the shoes are easier to spread. After the blow dry the shoes must cool down. During this time you should carry them on until they are completely cooled down. From then on the shoes are widened and ready for you no more problems!

2. How Can I Avoid Pain In High Heels ?

A typical women’s problem: the high heels look beautiful and fit perfectly to the outfit, only the feet do not want to play and complain all evening. But instead of having to take off the high hoes sadly, there is the trick that has saved some women the evening! Just stick your third and fourth toe (count from the big toe) together with skin-friendly tape. This way, the nerve, which runs through these two toes and usually causes pain, is relieved and the party can go on!

3. How Can I Dry Dry?

Although we often do not want to stand up, we women sometimes have moist feet. This happens especially when we are barefoot in our shoes all day or wear nylon stockings.On the other hand, there is a miracle: cat litter! Just fill it into a thin sock and put it in the problem shoe overnight. The next morning you will see: the litter has sucked on the moisture and your shoes are again free of moisture and stinking bacteria.

4. What Can I Do To Make My Shoes Stop Squealing?

More unpleasantly it is hardly possible: one runs through the office and draws all attention on itself … and only because of the squeaking shoes-that is annoying and permanently extremely annoying! Babypuder helps. Simply remove the shoe sole and spread the powder underneath. If the squeak still does not stop, you can spread the powder directly on the sole. This reduces the friction and the squeaking disappears.

5. How Can I Freshen Up Stinking Shoes?

Nobody likes to wear shoes that spray an unpleasant scent all over the room. To prevent this, there are fragrant dry towels in the drugstore market. Put them in the shoes overnight and create a pleasant fragrance. Alternatively, you can also put a fresh, dry tea bag in the shoe. It acts exactly like the cloth and also ensures that you no longer need to be ashamed of the shoe smell.

6. How Do I Get My Shoelaces Back To Shine?

Are you on the road or on holiday, and you definitely need shoe cream for your favorite pumps? No problem: Used for smooth leather shoes simply your Bodylotion (if possible perfume-free). Just put some of it on the shoes and massage the cream with slow, circular movements. So you save yourself the shoe cream and maintains your pumps at the same time.

7. What Can I Do To Make My White Sneakersshine Again?

White sneakers are currently out of fashion! The problem is only when the radiant white slowly turns into a dirty beige. To make sure this does not happen, there are simple tools that each home has, and with which every shoe will turn white: washing-up liquid, toothpaste and toothbrush. And so it goes: Polished the shoes in the first step with foamy detergent and a toothbrush. In the second step, repeat the same with the toothpaste. After these two steps your sneakers will look as new again!

8. How Can I Avoid Bubbles In Pumps ?

If the beloved pumps do not fit exactly, or rub the foot, bubbles can quickly develop. To prevent this, just take a deodorant deodorant roller and rub it over the inner side of your shoes. This makes the shoes softer and your feet can withstand better friction.
You will see, if you take these tricks to heart, you have now guaranteed less problems with your beloved shoes! If it is still time for new shoes, but have a look here.