Alternatively Android Cyanogen Comes With Pre-Installed Microsoft Apps

Microsoft and cyanogen announced that the Android variant is delivered cyanogen OS with some Microsoft apps, including Bing, Skype, One Drive, OneNote, Outlook, and Office. You want to take Android of of control of Google so.
Cyanogen, the company behind the OS or Android cyanogen, and Microsoft have announced a partnership: the commercial version of the operating system will be delivered in the future with some Microsoft apps, and Bing, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, and Office. The popular CustomROM version of CyanogenMod will probably continue to appear without the-already free-Microsoft apps. It is unclear what this means for the pre-installation of the email app Boxer announced recently.
Cyanogen thus pursued the strategy, to provide a full Android system without Google on the legs: Android itself is but not open source, many of the Google apps. That is no problem for CyanogenMod users because they can download the apps, but for manufacturers, it is not so easy to sell a Smartphone with cyanogen OS and pre-installed Google apps.
With the Microsoft cooperation cyanogen comes the target one step closer to need Google apps. It lacks yet alternatives to Google maps, chrome and the app-and multimedia supermarket play. Conceivable that would be what’s thought the US manufacturer Blu for a cyanogen Smartphone maps app to the related sale Nokia here, Firefox browser and store from Amazon (which by the way Microsoft Office is not available).
A cyanogen-Microsoft cooperation was already longer in the conversation, so Microsoft on cyanogen I want to invest. But in the current round of funding, Microsoft was missing then, cyanogen called only Telefónica, Twitter, Qualcomm, Rupert Murdoch and others – preinstall of the Microsoft apps but already announced.
Microsoft has recently also at Samsung a foot in the door: the top smartphones Galaxy S6 and S6 edge also come with some preloaded Microsoft apps, namely OneNote, OneDrive and Skype. Here they displace but EverNote and dropbox – the Google apps are all installed.
17.4. Update: CyanogenMod have confirmed now in the blog that the partnership does not on the CustomROM version of cyanogen (so CyanogenMod), but on the variant cyanogen manufacturers have preinstalled OS. CyanogenMod will remain without Microsoft apps and have also no “ads”. Not explicitly expresses the blog entry to the mail app Boxer, but says that no other “cyanogen OS exclusive partner apps” supplied with – this should refer also to boxer, but Boxer and cyanogen in their Partnerschaftsbekundigungen speak only of cyanogen OS.
CyanogenMod wants maintain his neutral stance and affirmed: “you’re using Google, Amazon or [the app store] Fdroid; We leave the decision to you and do not intend to change that.”