Amazon Announces The FireTV, Its Android-Based Multimedia Center

After several months of rumours, Amazon has just announced that his next bet to multimedia consumption at home, the Amazon FireTV. It’s a set-top-box with an operating system based on Android that promises to give us a wide range of content that gives the e-commerce giant, competing directly against Google services.
Among its advantages we will not find a comprehensive service of series and movies directly from Amazon, and that contrast with other gadget like the Chromecast, no need for an external computer. It can be used only with the built-in remote, which gives us some remarkable advantages.

Amazon FireTV, features

Amazon says that this Media Center can play content in 1080 p, Although it will take if you can with the next 4 k resolutions, but by the time also is able to offer surround sound Dolby Digital +. Account with a Quad Core Krait 300 chip at a frequency of 1.7 GHz and a 320 Adreno GPU.
The remote control is one of the great strengths of the presentation of the device, which features with a touch ring and six buttons under it to control all playback. This remote control has a microphone and voice recognition system so we can talk and thus tell you names of films or television series, a very curious option that avoids walking out with voice recognition systems integrated in TV, console and its peripherals or other accessories.
The interface has taken care to be simple and direct, with a function that called ASAP (As Soon As Possible) and you are trying to predict what we want to see at that moment. Among its integrated applications we hope us Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube, among other applications consuming multimedia content both music and video-centric.
Being a familiar device in the living room, won’t you miss any of parental control in case that the smallest of the House are made with the remote control. It’s called Free Time and offers limits connection time and adapted to children, simple interface and content intended for them.
It will not only be a device to play multimedia, since confirmed rumors that will also be a video game console. The company has signed agreements with companies such as Disney, Gameloft, EA, 2K, Ubisoft, Sega, DoubleFine or TellTaleGames to offer a catalog of thousands of games, as they have said.
The Amazon FireTV will be compatible with a gamepad that will cost 39 dollars Apart from the Terminal and that will include in addition 1000 Amazon Coins with those who can purchase games. The remote control is very similar to the version that leaked usas weeks ago. As for the prices of the games, they will cost around $1.85, although there will also be a wide range of free games. It will also include the first game from Amazon, Sev Zero, a first person shooter.

Amazon FireTV, availability and price

The new set top box from Amazon has a price of $99, and is put on sale today in the United States. There are no data of arrival in Spain.