Amazon Fire TV, The Fork of Android You Added Value

Amazon yesterday unveiled its new set top box, Fire TV. A product based on Android but that hides the operating system, rather than actually cost us some time know if it was him or not.
But it is clear that basing this product on Android (specifically in Android 4.2) gives enough value. The bet from Amazon to a fork is coming out pretty well, since it can fully leverage the massive development that are on this platform to integrate it into their products.

Television content

First, the release announced the support of a large number of OTT services from your own Amazon Instant Video service to Netflix via Holo and company. This is quite easy if we take into account that all the services they have application for Android. It is true that not adapted for television, but for mobile and tablet, but the adjustment that must be made is minimal.
This is the great asset of the product. You will have many services available for its users and that brings a great value compared to other solutions available on the market. For example Chromecast is much cheaper, but you need one greater part of these services adaptation.

Games, the large covered

But for my the value-added that Fire TV brings is the ability to play, with a remote control that has a cost extra but with very good looking. So far, attempts to bring an Android console to your TV are shy, made by companies that risk quite as Ouya. Amazon is the first large that dares with a more or less serious way games.
And the best thing of the matter is that they can boast of having more than 1000 games available in the coming weeks. What console you can afford the luxury of announce that at the launch? No. Why can Amazon make it? Because their set top box is based on Android. The games are already there, just need the TV adaptation, support remote control and be in the Amazon App Store (which many are).
Nintendo should be very scared by this movement from Amazon, since they can copy the segment of casual games where the Wii and the Wii U were Kings. But also Microsoft and Sony should panic because Android is more a platform for serious games.

Integration with tablet and mobile, a major step

Another thing that I like about Fire TV is its integration with tablets and mobile. First, create a new ecosystem, the set top box can be controlled from the Kindle Fire, which adds a great asset to the fork Amazon Android ecosystem.
With respect to mobile, it integrates its services in the cloud and we can see the photos and videos of mobile TV, which is very interesting. Here are a great step will surely see full when Amazon released its mobile terminal, which we hope to see at some point after so many rumours.
We therefore have a strategy of Amazon very successful, monopolizing the consumer with their own products and all this thanks to the creation of a fork on Android. Surely If Android had not existed none of this would have been possible.