American Jewelry Legend Tiffany

World famous: The Tiffany store on the Fifht Avenue in New York and Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) in the scene in front of the jeweler’s shop window.
The turquoise blue box with the white bow wakes since always been greed and is a symbol of luxury and style. At the latest since Holly Golightly before the Windows of Tiffany & co. had breakfast, the American jeweler is world famous. The milestones of a 175th company history.
It was a unique concept, the Charles Lewis Tiffany together with his partner John B. young with the opening of its first jewelry business on Broadway in 1837 followed: the prices were not negotiable, but used. This was something new at the time and made the jeweler particularly exclusive. But the sales of the first sales day was anything but promising. It stood at 4.95 US dollars. Today, 175 years later, Tiffany & co. with a turnover of 3.09 billion U.S. dollar, is one of the leading jewellery companies worldwide, according to constructmaterials.
About 15 years after the opening, Charles Lewis Tiffany took over the entire management of the company. Soon should not only wealthy New Yorker, but also monarch to the customer base of Tiffany & co. include. The American jeweler, ascended to the Imperial and Royal purveyor to the Court in Vienna.

The Tiffany Diamond

A special gem at the same time marks a milestone in the history of Tiffany & co. 1877 found the largest and purest yellow diamonds in the world, the “Tiffany diamond” in the diamond fields of Kimberly. After years of study, Charles Lewis Tiffany finishing the 287-karätigen stone on 128 k down to get the unusually large number of 90 facets, which gives the brilliance of preciousness.The world famous “Tiffany diamond” can be admired still today in New York.

The Blue Box

The distinctive packaging is at least as popular as the fine treasures of the House. Charles Lewis Tiffany has ensured that the coveted blue box only with a purchase at Tiffany could be purchased. So managed to retain him. The box was “Talk of the Town”. In the year 1906, the New York Sun reported: “there is at Tiffany’s a thing that you can not buy for all the money in the world. “There only gift: his blue box.” As the color he chose the shade of Robins egg and named it “Tiffany Blue”.

The Tiffany Engagement Ring

At the end of the 19th century Charles Lewis Tiffany introduced the Solitaire version for rings.Here, the diamond was held by four or six prong setting. The version enables as best as possible to bring the brilliance of the diamond. The Tiffany Solitaire ring especially in America is seen as emblematic of the engagement ring.
In the 1940s moved Tiffany & co. the main business on the Fifth Avenue. Thanks to the famous film classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is the site wall site for jewelry lovers tourists from all over the world. There are now 275 stores around the world, six of them in Germany.

Tiffany s Business With Silver

Also on his long silver tradition is one in the House of Tiffany & co. pride. The exclusive partnership begun in the year 1851, with the famous New York silversmith John C. Moore laid the foundation stone for the Other people translated to date silver business of the House. Tiffany became the first company in America & co. of England used silver alloy 925/1000, which would later become the United States Sterling standard. Today, a variety of silver classics such as the “charm” chain with heart pendant or the “celebrations” rings – is located next to white gold and diamond pieces both bestsellers of the House. Is the beauty of it: While Tiffany & co. for pure luxury, still can afford a piece of this luxury everyone this way.