Analysis of Microsoft Lumia 950

I had not analyzed in depth a mobile terminal with Windows. And the truth is that he was looking forward to the couple stopper Windows 10 : The Microsoft Lumia 950 and XL 950. What I felt when I was offered the chance to try for a season? Joy and desire to see if Microsoft had achieved the perfect formula with which to confront the other models vying for a place in the pocket of the users. You really been achieved? I will not anticipate my conclusions, but it will tell you that the Microsoft Lumia 950, the smartphone I’ve used over the last two weeks, is a strong, powerful, able to cope with all situations and moving a camera It maintains, no doubt, at the highest level for a smartphone. But…

I will not settle so quickly that “but” first we go to the video analysis to Microsoft Lumia 950. How it behaves in front of the camera? You know: to check just have to click on the play. Surely you fall in love with him at first sight!

exterior design of Microsoft Lumia 950

This smartphone offers no boast on the outside of your body: simple and artless for straight lines that do not stand out among many other smartphones (for example, it constantly confused with a design Xiaomi Mi4C ). The finish is in high quality plastic, having descended several steps compared to the beautiful polycarbonate of the Nokia Lumia and including an element that does not hit anything a smartphone in its category: the back cover we have to be removed to access the SIMS (the model we tested was the dual SIM), micro SD and battery. The positive is that we can easily exchange these items. And on the negative, I would say that the impression is to have in my hands a Lumia midrange.
Buttons on the right side of the boundary with metal finish and the typical arrangement of the Lumia (includes shutter button for the camera), 3.5 jack for headphones in the upper contour, socket USB type C in the lower portion and a rear portion which highlights the impressive PureView camera, flash multi triple tone and headphone output. This output is not in the best position (we always thought in the back of the sound dissipates too, even though the camera lens protrudes creating hollow), being next to a metal ring protecting the lens. The metal gives presence to the phone, suffering, unfortunately, the attack scratches.
The Microsoft Lumia 950 feels great in your hands, being large and being regarded its size if you have small hands. Using one hand is very difficult even though the function of software for such use is integrated (not very practical, do we advance), having another drawback added: to have the almost completely straight sides (create a wedge with a top at the rear edge) wide grip ergonomic is not all that it should. Penalizing, when added dimensions, the use for a long time.

Power and performance of Microsoft Lumia 950

It can not be denied: the smartphone that accompanies us in this post is powerful as any in terms of Windows. Processor Snapdragon 808 six – core 1.8GHz  (sameLG G4, for instance), 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage with option to expand that storage with micro SD cards up to 200GB. Come on, you can not say go lame specifications for more that needs Windows 10 are very different from those of other systems with which it is impossible not to compare (yes, Android ), resulting in an unrivaled experience in the SO of Microsoft. No objection at this point: the Lumia 950 is shown in all agile, fluid, fast time and without that nothing can to trip. Beyond the system itself, as I will explain later (it is inevitable not criticize minimally Windows 10 ).
Nor is any possibility of his hands under the heading of connections. Beginning with the dual SIM (in the test model) and support for mobile networks LTE 4G, something that can not miss on a smartphone in its class. NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi a / b / g / n / ac, sound high quality is deteriorated slightly speaker position ( you know what we think about it )… and as very important to take into account detail, the Microsoft Lumia 950 devices already come standard adds the connector USB type – C. What does this mean? In addition to the advantages implicit in the standard connection (USB 3.1 high speed transmission, integrated video output, fast charging…), you will meet the “inconvenience” that few shall be a home chargers that are compatible.This can be blamed not mobile, obviously, but you have to review it from experience: I myself left the magazine and could not load in the absence of other connector type C.
Finally in this section, I can not help but pull his ears to Microsoft. Along with the desire to test the phone also was eager to get their hands on Continuum, it adapted mode that transforms the mobile operating system on a desktop projected on TV. Let ‘s see why this need to purchase new hardware to enjoy this feature (adapter Display Dock or wireless display adapter 99 and 70.90 euros respectively, in theory, it would be any wireless Miracast ) if the USB type C already has audio output and video? Why not simply integrate a USB / HDMI cable and give the user the experience of Continuum straight out the Microsoft Lumia 950 of the box? An inexplicable error on a device, by software capabilities, be able to offer an experience a thousand times greater than that finally gives.
No objection at this point: the screen of Microsoft Lumia 950 is superb. Within data, we find a 5.2 – inch AMOLED panel with Quad HD resolution of 1440 × 2560 pixels. A quite acceptable level of brightness also outdoors, excellent color balance, sharpness naked eye and, as happens too often in this smartphone, an operating system that does not know take advantage of this resolution. In practice, we would have preferred full HD resolution Quad HD : the system interface, games and other software options (except for viewing photos and videos perhaps) was not extracted performance that deserves the screen. Not to mention…