Analyst: Advertising-Sponsored Smartphones Coming in 2014

Advertisers have not yet found their way to the home screen on your smartphone, but it believes an American analyst soon is on the way.
We have earlier told you tjecker your mobile 150 times a day. Thus, there is also evidence for believing that at any time you have acquainted with the mobile advertisements that show up in apps and websites.
Until now, home screen, and so the phone, walked free from advertising, though admittedly we have just seen that the Chinese will get Android mobile in “Pepsi-Edition”. It will change in 2014, says Russell Glass, who is CEO of markedtingsvirksomheden Bizo. He even writes on the our site.
We have already seen the trend on ebook readers, since the Kindle is available in a cheaper advertising Edition. The idea is also not entirely new to the Danes. You may remember enough Sonofon’s old “sponserfon”-project where you could talk for free, and then be interrupted by an advertisement every now and then.
Arguments are there enough of
As mentioned before, so we look so on our home screen countless times in the course of a day, and makes it a very valuable place to see advertisements. There is just no producers, who at the time of writing have presented a promoted smartphone.
Russel Glass mentions Facebook as being those who, with their “Facebook Home” integration, have shown how it could potentially look when future advertisers will be able to integrate content deep in the smartphones operating system.
He also points out that there may be economic advantages to both customers and advertisers. The fact is that the cost is about smartphones is low in relation to the potential income that can come out of, to target advertisements to the individual end user.
The idea is so that we may in the future would be able to buy significantly cheaper mobiles, who then sponsored by the ads, as we will be bound to look at, for example, the home screen. Who could conceivably have sponsored smartphones in the pipeline is still too early to say anything about, and again, we must remember that it is only speculation so far.
Would you be able to consider an inexpensive mobile if there pops up advertisements on the home screen?