Android And Ios: Hide Apps, Photos, And Other Files

Have you downloaded an app from the app store or Google play store, one finds these directly on the homescreen. But what if this exactly because not to go? You want to hide the app even before some people? In this case, we have a few tricks for you.
There are several ways to hide apps on a Smartphone or protect them with a password. You can make out of reach it using other apps, by assigning a password to them or you can completely hide the respective apps with some tricks from prying eyes. But not only apps can hide files or images can protect you.

Hide apps on your Android Smartphone

To hide apps and files on your Android Smartphone, additional applications or Launcher help you best.As a result, you can not only hide your apps, but protect them with a password.

An app which you can use to help protect other apps with a code, is, for example, prevented. In the main menu, you have a collection of all the applications you have on your Smartphone. There you can then determine which should – be protected with a password and which are not. Also features, such as for example the company calls to stop through the app.
Want you but completely hide the apps and files, the following tips will help you. This is among other things Andrognito. The app is free, but some functions only in the paid premium versions are included. The app itself is protected by a four-digit PIN. Therein data are backed up to a 3-layer encryption. All possible apps, documents, images can be with the app and hide videos. Also, Andrognito is not displayed in the recently opened apps. So, your hidden files and apps on Android app:

  • Android app Andrognito open and create a safe
  • Add files to hide
  • All files are in the vault, the contents are encrypted
  • In Andrognito you can access the data, other apps can no longer access this

To go a step further and really to hide, all without a clue, smart is hide calculator a great way. This app emits as a discreet calculator and continues with his camouflage making it even one step. When you open the app, it looks like an ordinary calculator. There, you can then enter your password and directly into your safe. All imaginable formats can be stored in it. For all apps Android-root privileges are required, but which is not the case with Andrognito. It is also detrimental that you get files not so readily from the vault.An advantage for the smart hide calculator is that you, the app not only becoming visible must make to access hidden content, as is the case with Andrognito.
To install a new launcher, one also often has the ability to hide apps on Android. A launcher with specific functionalities is installed on almost all Android smartphones. To move the Launcher, you can install just another, such as an app. After that, you can choose which one you want to use. To return to the default settings, you can you to uninstall the Launcher again. With the Nova Launcher well organize, for example, not just apps, you can hide certain applications. For extremely organisieren joyful Android users the application is smart to recommend 3 Launcher.

Hide apps on the iPhone

On the iPhone, you can hide apps on one also with apps but also without app with a little trick we show you.
Method 1:

  • To her pushes two apps one above the other, to create a folder.This time, you can let go and place the apps folder. Pushes all other apps that you want to hide in the folder.
  • Then select an app from the folder and hold your finger on it.
  • Pulls the app to the right screen edge, so that opens up a new page in the folder.Just let go of the icon and it again selects to create a third page in the folder. Don’t let go this time in the app.
  • Pulls the app back in the middle of the already existing empty page and press the home button while still holding the app and already she’s gone.This can repeat her then as often as required with other apps.

Method 2:

  • Selects the app that you want to hide, and make sure that it is at least on the second page of the home screens.The first page should be there so full that she cannot accommodate more.
  • Now you’re moving the app that you want to hide to another, so that a folder is created.Don’t let go the app however.
  • Then it pulls out the app again from the folder out, so that the folder will disappear.You have not let go but always still the app up to the time.
  • Now ride the app at the bottom of the screen on the dock and let go of the icon.
  • The app is gone and no longer appears on the home screen.Now the app only through the search is to find.

The apps appear but again after a reboot. Complete hiding files, pictures and videos just to use an app on the iPhone. This can be, for example, the app “finger out”. It is easy to use and can all possible images and videos to protect views of third parties. Images can be downloaded from secret browsers and stored there, or be moved directly from other apps in the secret folder.
If you want to have even more discreet, we recommend also here as an alleged “Calculator app” “private calculator + secret photo safe”. With this app you can images and videos hide, you can surf privately and at the same time protect your contacts in. Also, the app looks like a standard calculator and can be opened only by a code on request.

Bottom line: Hide files on iOS and Android

If you want to protect your apps, pictures, videos, or other files from prying eyes, because you have no lock code into the phone, or too many know your code, it is easy to hide this. With the right apps or little tricks, the data only for you is visible. Use other apps or have app suggestions? Let us know.