Android Integrated in The TV, a Bad Idea

Philips has presented three TVs high performance with a striking detail, a “Powered by Android” as a publicity gimmick. The ability has always been there, and a priori is very interesting to have access to the power of Android on our television screen. However have always been very critical with these integrated solutions, and in this case I keep my posture.
The “combo” teams always have been there. Chains of music block, where in a same team we have radio, amplifier, CD player, turntable, dual cassette… The television with integrated DVD. Or with integrated VHS. Or with Betamax, as this almost pre-tecnologica jewel of the header image. Compact solutions, they occupy little space, face to the user are a comfortable and often cheaper proposal that purchased them separately.

In favour, the integration

For these teams they play various tricks. Let us focus on the proposal of Philips, which is the trigger of this dissertation, and take the top of range: a screen with six-core resolution Ultra HD (4K for less stringent friends), with a processor running Android 4.2.2. Support Miracast, controllable from an Android in our smartphone app, or own the TV command.
The main advantage I see in this system is this, the own the TV command control. You know it’s going to run to perfection and you will not have any problems of compatibility of connectors, resolution or go to know you. Turn it on, downloads your favorite Google Play, and applications using it. Nothing of cables by means, and “your mobile device is not compatible with the application of remote control remote”.
Sounds great, right? I have Android on the TV and to my has become something basic, almost indispensable. In my case, it is through a “set top box”, imprecise anglicism to say that it is an external Android device, located under the TV in my case. External. And replaceable.

Reduced life cycle

In a “combo” equipment, the useful life of the set is the shorter of the elements that comprise it. If you have the TV and next to him a Blu-ray player, if the player is damaged you still have TV. If you are in a same pack, you have player nor have tele. But that risk is nothing compared to one greater certainty: blu-ray has its days numbered, and safely arrive before the end of life of your TV.
Android moves at high speed, and is obsolete at that same speed. What is today a leading Marvel’s six-core, in a year will be a mid-range, and two a ballast for your magnificent Ultra HD screen. Moreover, it is possible within two years still have little content 4 K that squeeze your TV picture quality, but the State of Android has advanced so much that your favorite applications are no longer compatible with the.
It is more awkward, takes up more space, you won’t so careful integration, you’ll need two remotes, and my advice is always the same: Android on the TV itself, of course, but best two teams separately that one with all integrated.