Angelia Ami Tanzania Collection

Angelia, fascinated and impressed by the fabrics and colors used by the Masai culture, brings to Milan a piece of Tanzania. Here is the Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 who marched during the fashion week in Milan.
His personal idea of beauty and fashion wants to tell a story through collections that mix work and materials haute couture with “talking” materials, from near and distant cultures, whose common denominator is to be spokesmen of stories lived and rooted in time and space. Angelia,  the first name of the 22 year-old fashion designer, and Ami (third name) in Japanese means “beauty exists.” And it is beauty to sign the lines of his clothes, their striking geometries, the purity of the forms, the sharp colors and defined.

Precisely because of its distinctive and innovative features, its line Mataio Fall / Winter 2016-2017, has marched in Milan Fashion Week, as part of a fashion show organized and promoted by the non-profit “A Coded World“, which is responsible for researching artists bearers of ideas and visions that go beyond cultural barriers.
The line reveals all the love for the Masai culture, encountered by the designer during a recent trip to Tanzania. Resulting raw tartan, introduced in the culture by the British colonizers and subsequently produced in Africa, in bright shades of blue and green, passing through red and purple. It’s just around the exclusive choice of tissues that line takes shape: the original fibers imported directly from Africa, are transformed into quilted coats in warm and soft tissues, which are side by side silks: a tribute to craftsmanship Made in Italy. The calls, are heading in the technical and innovative materials of London inspiration, joined leaders in cashmere and fur report to a dimension closer to that of the Western right.
The collection consists mainly of coats, dresses, skirts and knitwear with simple lines yet also charismatic, proposed in the bright colors of Masai tartans and assisted in optical white or soiled technical fabrics and silks. The mix of raw and rare fabrics not only tells stories from different places and cultures, but defines a collection aimed at women with great personality .