Anker 5 Port USB Charger

While small nomadic devices invade our daily life and multiply, it is not always easy to be able to reload them all simultaneously.The problem even more when you are away from home and we have 2-3 made for good more material. The charger 5 ports USB from Anker is a great answer to this thorny problem.

If you are faithful, you start to know Anker props which we were already going through a Bluetooth headset and an external battery, all of good quality. It is therefore a third product that could test with still, as for the previous time, a lot of satisfaction with the operation of the product and its easy to get started.
Today, we remain the problem of loading of the nomadic devices with an accessory that will serve as much to your smartphone, tablet or any other connected product that has a USB port for its recharge. Indeed, this charger which has 5 USB ports will be able to load 5 different devices from a single take with the same capacity as if you didn’t have a camera supported, according to howsmb. It is available from Amazon at a price of 25.99 euros at the moment.

The packaging

As always with Anker, after ordering you will receive a small box in which comes the charger housing. The first advantage of this charger is its small size which will allow you to easily carry and fit in a square to the smaller package.
If inside we find the charger as such, we have heard the cord (with a size of 1.5 m) who accompanies and allows to connect it to a power outlet. For french buyers, it’s a French plug that you will find, we would have also liked to have adapters for this kind of product one is likely to carry on a trip with you. Is that adapters and more would have increased the price and forced to have a larger packaging.
Finally, a small guide, translated into french in addition to English, accompanies all and will give you the necessary information about your product as technical specifications, features, or even practical information. Once more, Anker offers necessary to operate this product very easy to use.

Design and presentation of the product

As is often the case with Anker, black is the dominant color of the product which is presented to us (also available in white). Here, it’s a block of 9 cm on about 6, no bigger than a pack of cards tells us the manufacturer. This small format has the big advantage to slip easily into a bag, as we previously told you. On the front of this block, we have 5 entries to plug USB cables and rear entrance to the mains plug.
No button is present on this device that has a plastic coating soft with the inscription of the Anker mark on the rear part of the appliance, even where you plug the entrance area. A small logo IQ overcomes the front face, the one where the 5 USB ports are arranged. This little logo is a contraction of Power IQ, a technology that allows one maximum with devices Android, Apple and other compatibility by providing a quick charge up to a total of 8A or 2.4 by USB port. In summary, you can charge several devices at the same time with a speed of equivalent load than you when one device is connected.
Similarly, entry port is capable of supporting a voltage of 100-240V, which makes him a perfect charger for travel abroad. Anker also insists on manufacturing quality, the guarantee of the product and a domestic quality circuit that we did not check. In terms of the quality of the product and its general appearance, can only be conquered by this little product.

Who is it for ?

If you have at home that a single device we recharge via a USB plug, so in practice you don’t not much of this charger. The target of such a product is first of all a person who has multiple mobile devices, or even the family whose children and parents must be able to find a free plug to recharge the smartphone, tablet or still connected products (speakers, headsets, Tracker…) at any time of the day.
In practice, the presence of 5 USB ports ensures you always have room for a device in good condition, although other small devices are already in charge.
The format of this charger will also carry very easily and in this period of leave, it is very easy to slip it into his luggage in order to not be caught unawares here where you’re going. Similarly, you can take it abroad and this charger will adapt to the voltage of the country in which you are located. At home or on the go, him there is always useful, insofar as you need to sometimes charge several devices at the same time.

What price for this accessory ?

As always, whether or not a product is expensive to make the ratio between what he is able to bring you the proposed price. Practical accessory, discreet and aesthetically beautiful, this charger is sold on Amazon at a price of 25.99 euros at the moment instead of the 39.99 euros which is its original price.
For less than 26 euros, there is a solution that can meet a need that is more or less important depending on the number of devices you have.
In conclusion, it is still a product of quality, well finished and who intends to favor that one discovers at Anker. The great strength of this product is to be able to recharge all types of mobile devices for what little they are delivered with a USB cord to recharge, which is very common. Smartphone, Tablet, connected objects, pregnant laptop, tracker activity… as seen on video, this charger is capable of charging of multiple objects at the same time and with a very important charging capacity. Device practice at home and abroad, it is the ideal answer to the ever-increasing need to have to charge several devices at the same time. Its reasonable price and its small size are the last two assets of this really convincing charger to use.