Another Global Warming: The Real Female Sexual Revolution Is Now Being

When we think in the female sexual liberation It is very likely that we evoked images of hippies, and American women by burning bras, dancing semi naked and practicing the “free love” without rest. We love to simplify things, but basically we know that they were much more complex, as they now try to sell us that has come a new sexual revolution because it has left a bad call “viagra” that promises to increase our libido, while the real rebellion is advancing on other roads, necessary and different. But do not we are already more than liberated? this… ahem, better continue.

What you have inherited from late 60s

The poliamoroso and libertador youth movement that took place in the late 1960 and early 1970, despite suffering a major slowdown a decade later with the emergence of AIDS, was opening up to other types of relationships beyond the marital, birth control and a growing acceptance of homosexuality and transsexuality.

With the contraceptive pill, It was not legalized in Spain until 1978, women obtained the tranquility of eliminating the potential risks of pregnancy sex, in addition to passing to fully decide when and who wanted to have children. Although this eventually has been most reflected in a decline in the birth rate and a greater ease of incorporation to work, than in a qualitative transformation of female sexuality.

Marriage for life as the only option, it was turning to chained monogamous relationships, while tolerance to sexual and loving alternatives was extending to ever more generations and sectors. But what at one time seemed an explosion that was going to end up with everything established, over time has been more like a small seed, which is gradually giving us increasingly more fruits.

Internet: information, leisure and meeting point

If before the doubts and desires were always in a petit Committee very close friends or coworkers “perversions”, today thanks to the network not only can inform us of everything that we want, also It is much more easier to access all types of content (sex, books, manuals…) and find people with which to share tastes and experiences, or even simply to check that we are not as rare as we thought.

This has had consequences as candid as the resurrection of erotic literature, but has also meant that many women can dare to find the right people to realize fantasies of all kinds; Exhibitionism, domination, submission, Threesome, quotes in public places… What before was reserved for a few, is now within the reach of many and the success of social networks as Fetlife, which boasts almost four and a half million users, shows that issues like sadomasochism or fetishism, which until recently were considered “anomalies”, have become increasingly more common forms of express and enjoy sexuality.

It is time of acronyms, compound words and names in English; BDSM, polyamory, LGBT, swinger, Queer, kink… They may appear to be empty words, or follow a fashion, but in reality they are doors (click the links!) that show us other forms interact, understand both our sex and our gender, and ultimately, slowly strip us of what already does not help us and embrace that which agrees with our identity and makes us feel good. We decided if we want to open them or not, but never as now we have had so many opportunities to launch us to satisfy our curiosity… or what comes up.

Masturbation is not sin, Alleluia!

Masturbation is our most secure source of orgasms, but it has been a taboo subject for most of the women even years after the so-called liberation of 60. Today not only has ceased to be a shame (at least for most of the women), but it is an excellent and enjoyable way to know our body, improve our self-esteem, not reduce sexuality to sexual intercourse, and of course enjoy ourselves in large.

Phenomena such as the tuper-sex, the sex shops and sex toys, attached to pages such as dismantling the Pili or touch Me touch me designed for, sell, educate and raise awareness, give us the opportunity to love ourselves more and better in every way. The sexual revolution, no doubt, also is the clitoris, and without complexes!

No one is left out

Gay, bisexual, transgender, bicuriosas, heterosexual… A sexual liberation that not fits all doesn’t make sense and not it is worth recalling that it was not until 1990 when the who (World Health Organization) is no longer consider homosexuality as a mental illness, something that has still not done with transsexuality, but this no longer appears in the latest edition of the DSM (diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders).

Projects like Yes, we fuck! They also address the sexuality of people with functional diversity and although the realization is borne by two men, a good number of brave women like Andrea Bardají, who suffers from cerebral palsy since birth, and tells of his experience in this area participate in this documentary.

All bodies are valid to enjoy sex, whether we weigh more or less, few years ago since we come into the world, if we depilamos us or let us mustache, today the woman owns finally her orgasms, although paradoxically perhaps also it is more slave than ever of the aesthetic canons imposed from the media and fashion.

And it is that it is not all done (or far)

This is not a fight ended, on the contrary, has not done more to start, because it will not be complete until all We can enjoy sex as we want, without guilt, without reproaches by our environment, but also suffer does not seem to us that perfect woman, sexy and always ready to please your partner with the latest in lingerie and tips type “how to drive you crazy, tamable and predictable” Since the end of the 60 it appearing in a large number of “female” magazines.

Nor should we forget that we are not alone in the world, and that many women not only do not have the luck to enjoy their sexuality, but are required to repress it, cancel it or directly removes them endangering his life. According to data from the who of 2014, more than 125 million women and girls alive today have been subjected to female genital mutilation.

On the other hand, although we have improved a lot in birth control, nearly 1 million children under 15 years of age give birth each year, mostly in low-and middle-income countries. In Spain more than two million childbearing women risk an unwanted pregnancy by having sex without protection or misuse of contraceptives, as well as exposure to the spread of some STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), other field requiring more measures of prevention, education and condom promotion.

So as you can see, we have reason enough to think that the real sexual revolution not only is happening now, but it is essential. At the end, and after all, this is the time that we have lived and the only one in which we will have the opportunity to contribute and put our grain of sand, both in our personal liberation, in whatever way we can support other women.

If not now, when? And the most important question, do you sign up?

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February 11, 2018

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