App-List Returns in LG G5

LG has used the same iOS-like tactics as Huawei and has scrapped the app list in LG G5, but now turns it back into an update.
One of the features that since its inception has been a part of Android is the ability to click on a little icon at the bottom of the home screen to open a full overview of all your installed apps instead of the elect, you even have placed on the home screen.
During Mobile World Congress back in February, however, began to draw a picture of that more producers suddenly chose to remove this app-overview from the newest top models.
One of the phones, where it has been scrapped, LG G5 so you have been forced to have all your apps on the home screen and, where appropriate, organize them into folders as with iOS.
Now, however, the possibility back LG brings, so you can get an overview of your apps in the traditional way, i.e. with a home screen and an app-overview. It is done via an update for the Lg UX 5.0 user interface, which you can find by going into Settings» General» about phone» update center» Application update, where it should be available in the form of app “home page and application drawer”. Alternatively you will sooner or later receive a notification about this update.
LG G5 has already included two different home screens-the so-called projectile launchers: Home and EasyHome. The update brings a new and third with it, Start page and application drawer, where you have the app list in addition to the normal home screen.