Apple Fined for Unlawful Interference

Tim Cook & co. will have the final say in the pricing of iPhone on the Taiwanese market, and therefore imposed a fine for illegal interference.
Apple has been sentenced to a fine, on the equivalent to 670,000 USD, for illegally interfering in the pricing of iPhone with 3 Taiwanese telecommunication companies. It writes the Wall Street Journal
The fine issued by the so-called “Fair Trade Commission” so claiming that Apple has violated 18 points in “Taiwan’s Fair Trade Act” legislation. The Apple has absolutely no right to, since the companies have bought the rights to sell the products.
“Through mail correspondence between Apple and these three telecommunication companies, we discovered that the companies submit their pricing for Apple to be approved or confirmed before the products hit the market,” said the Commission in a statement.
“The judgment concerns only sales of iPhones. There are no plans to investigate price-interference with sales of iPads, “they add.
So far, there is no announcement on whether Apple will make an judgment. They also have not commented publicly on the matter.