Apple iPad Pro 2: Rumors In The Summary

Not only the Apple iPhone 7, but also the iPad Pro 2 should be according to current rumors in the wings. We summarize the speculations.
Tablets are dead, long live tablets? With the iPad Pro, Apple has dared a larger iPad for the first time last year. This was not only a larger display, but also with a more powerful hardware could ensure interest among buyers. This was also the Apple pencil, which literally caused a positive image among designers and graphics enthusiasts. This year it wants to build on the success of last year and to secure appropriate market share.

  • iPhone 7: so it looks

Apple iPad Pro 2: can the hardware

So first two pictures of the alleged Apple surfaced recently 2 iPad Pro, which showed the 12.9 inch tablet.The images, which seized on AppleInsider. show the settings menu of the Tablet, which under the Info section important details reading can be. For example, the model number is MH1C2CD/F, which points to a successor of the iPad Pro 12.9 is included. In addition, 12 GB of internal memory are indicated, which points to a prototype.
Hardware specifications do not exist yet, but we can assume some key data. The iPad Pro 2 is probably the Apple 10X-Prozessor bought more powerful processor get and also the true-tone display by the this year featured iPad Pro 9.7. This has a feature with the representation of the color are adapted to the environment. Also the camera should get an upgrade and 8 MP 12 MP will be upgraded.
The price will arrive probably between 900-1,400 euros, where you get memory for 1,400 euro putative LTE functionality and 256 GB. On September 6th we will see probably it. More information be leaked certainly until the idea.