Apple Pay for Web Already Is The Fifth Platform of Payment Online Most Popular

Launch Apple Pay for web was a winning idea by Apple, or at least that’s what revealed recently the web site SimilarTech, which places the payment platform in the place number five in the rankings of the most used services to pay on the web sites of online sale. Although Apple Pay came only a couple of months ago at the hand of macOS Sierra Safari, the service is already one of the most popular used by the 10,000 most important web sites of the moment.
As you can see in the graph, the data show that Apple Pay is now available in 0.25% of web sites. It is important to note that the Apple company is above platforms as Google Wallet, Samsung Pay or similar, according to SimilarTech statistics, are below the ranking.
According to 9to5Mac, the director of marketing for SimilarTech, Daniel Buchuk, indicated that the success of Apple Pay for web has been something amazing, because he has been a record growth in a category that can be really difficult.
Currently the King of the ranking is Paypal, which is located in the first position by being available in a 2.36% of the web sites of e-commerce of the moment. With the success of Apple Pay, would not be rare to soon reach the top of the rankings, taking into account also that the new MacBook Pro have built-in reader TouchID I would encourage users to make their payments through Safari.