Apple Stumbles: 5 Reasons to The Fall Of A Giant

The beautiful years fly, Apple headed for recession. Autopsy.
The forced smile of the CEO Tim Cook is no more illusion.
Apple enters on one level in a phase of stagnation, at worst one in a phase of decline and recession.

The figures for the fourth quarter (July/September 2016) and the fiscal year 2016 (October 2015/September 2016) are relentless.
For the first time since 2001, the turnover in the fiscal year just completed is lower than that of the previous year: 215,639 billion from$ 233,715 billion of$ (-7.7%).
The annual profit also takes his rank: 45,687 billion of$ 53,394 billion to$ (-14,4%).
Here are 5 reasons that explain the fall of a giant.

  1. Dependence on the iPhone

On the eve of his tenth birthday (2017), the iPhone took a gargantuan place in the Apple empire.
It’s almost an poisoned gift!
As soon as the valuable smartphone sales crumble, it’s the entire pyramid which breaks.
The table is eloquent.
Representing more than 60% of the income of the firm regularly, the iPhone alone is able to pull the results down.

  1. The stars of yesteryear are suffering

If the iPhone is showing signs of weakness, no flagship rises as one man to take over and offset this slump.
Quite the opposite!
Despite the richness of the range, the ipads are in free fall.
Out of breath due to lack of sufficient renewals, the family of Mac computers tries willy-nilly to limit the damage.
Being in a State of clinical death, Apple iPod has more than services (sales applications, music and videos, Cloud storage) to inject optimism into its results.

  1. The discretion of the Apple Watch

It is a sign that never fails.
Apple doggedly refuses to provide the exact figures of the sales of the Apple Watch.
To imagine that the smart watch of the “Apple” is far from being a smashing success, there is but a step.
Regardless of the silence of the “Apple”, the ditch is gleefully crossed by the analyst firms!
According to IDC figures, the Colossus of Cupertino (USA) has sold 1.1 million Apple Watch in the third quarter of 2016.
Either a 71.6% drop compared with the third quarter of 2015.
Given the global figures, the message seems clear.
The consumer doesn’t want the Smart watch in its current form.

  1. The absence of new products

A revolutionary TV made in Apple?
An motor powered from cloud storage by the innovative technologies of the firm to fire Steve Jobs?
No one dares bet a penny on the arrival of a real novelty, a device or a concept likely to create from scratch a new market.
Short of ideas, Apple gives the impression of lazily manage his legacy, while greedily counting the billions of$ raised in his war chest.

  1. China, the end of the Eldorado

This is a new pillar of the Apple empire that is slipping away under his feet.
Divided by the rise of th elocal onstructeurs (Huawei, Xiaomi) c, imposing it market is juicier than in the past.
During the fiscal year 2016, China generated a turnover of 48,492 billion for Apple to$, against 58,715 billion of$ 12 months earlier.
Tim Cook is now his conquering gaze to the India and its 700 million mobile customers.
The part is far from being won.
The India is Android to 97%, at very little cost and an anecdotal presence of terminals very high-end.