Apple VS Samsung

At this time a new page is written concerning the eternal legal battle that involves Apple and Samsung to battle against each other for the intricate issues on the subject of patents.
The Cupertino company has asked the federal appeals court to overturn the verdict issued last month in February by the jury that Apple would have to return the sum of $ 119.6 millionto Samsung Electronics after the latter had been exonerated from the charge of violating three patents owned by Apple.
Apple’s intention to ask for a revision of the judgment derives from the fact that three members of the jury would have violated the seventh Amendment of the Constitution of the United States relating to the right to trial by a jury.
Apple’s defense lawyer William Lee has expressed doubts about the way the Court has overturned the ruling by the Court of appeal, stating that the jury would have made use of new evidence which had not been taken into account in the formulation of the first verdict alleging infringement. Apple claims that the presentation of new evidence do not bring in original case requires a fair trial before a jury, as required by the Seventh amendment of the Constitution.
In all likelihood the case will be transferred to the Supreme Court.