Apple vs. Spotify: These Are The Requirements of The App Stores

A large dispute has emerged between Apple and the streaming service Spotify. Spotify accused Apple of distortion of competition, but the company from Cuptertino throws back outraged this.But what’s it doing exactly? 7 mobile enlighten.

Apple vs. Spotify: what happened?

The company Spotify and Apple are in the clinch: reason for this is the rejection of the latest update of the Spotify app. Apple denied the upgrade, because she allegedly is not the policy of the app store. Apple justifies rejection of the Spotify updates so that the app notes on external number possibilities, what prohibit the guidelines for developers of iTunes. The interest that returns payments via iTunes, does not come from about: makers of apps must pay 30 percent of sales to Apple. From the second year, it is 15 percent. So who completes his Spotify subscription within the iOS app, paid more aimed at Apple therefore three dollars. For this reason, Spotify has pointed out to complete the subscription through the website of the provider. In addition, it has disabled
the payment function within the iOS app. The reason for this is so financial nature. The Swedish company would like to prevent that Apple get the fixed 30 percent of revenue from app sales. The music provider feels disadvantaged by blocking the update and now, the iPhone group accused in a public letter that it exploit its market power to harm Spotify and its subscribers and at the same time to promote its own streaming service.

Apple defends itself

On the allegations of Spotify has Apple’s home with incomprehension responded and refers to it as “distressing”. “Our guidelines apply equally to all app developers whether to game developers, E-book seller, Videostreamingdienste and distributors of digital music – and regardless of whether or not they compete with Apple”, it is said in the opinion of Apple’s house lawyer Bruce Sewell. It goes even a step further, accusing Spotify to get preferential treatment and thus a competitive advantage.

Better policies in the Google play store

Google is the largest and also the only competitor of the app store with his play store. Basically, the guidelines of both stores are very similar and also Google is strictly comply with these rules. So the company has completely removed the Amazon app two years ago because Amazon there offered the download of proprietary applications. A corresponding directive has been implemented even after appropriate updating of the Amazon app: Amazon had previously offered a stand-alone app shop play store who violated the guidelines as an alternative store for Android apps already at this time. After some time one has simply incorporated the app section in the regular Amazon app, Google then improved to play store policies in the. The difference to Apple: Google distinguishes digital content such as music and movies that can be viewed on multiple devices, the classic app purchases and makes an exception and here, although it is also a direct competitor to Spotify music streaming service with the play. Distributed also through Google apps, as well as in-app purchases will be charged 30% surcharge – Spotify therefore does not offer this payment.
This message had hidden in the current app Spotify
Clear the Musikstreamingdienst Spotify is incensed about it, more expensive premium plans over the iTunes store sell to or to sit if necessary, even at the expense, if you the same conditions would like to offer. However, the strict guidelines of Google and Apple as well as revenue sharing have an advantage for customers: you can challenge purchases over the iTunes and play store and get your money back if you have problems with apps. Also, related applications in a 24-hour window can be returned through the play store. Customers are on the safe side with this central rules. In addition, Spotify tried pointing out external payment methods to hide: so the note on Premium plans at Spotify was shown themselves for more clues. This happened, for example, if users of Spotify-based version in the app – selected a specific title this is possible only through a premium membership.