Apple Watch 2: Rumors of New Watch [Update]

The development of the second generation of Apple’s Smartwatch started long time ago. However, the publication is getting closer and closer. But key questions remain: when will the new Apple Watch and what it can do?

Update: New speculation

More than half a year it’s been since the last solid rumors to the Apple Watch 2. With the WWDC 2016 featured software innovations for Apple watches it seems clear in any case: Apple still devoted his Smartwatch. In addition to the already official watchOS 3 update that you want to appear in the autumn, DIGITIMES says as a publication of the Apple Watch 2 during this period afterthe company from Cupertino. So is set to launch the construction of the Apple Watch 2 in the third quarter of this year, the magazine cited unspecified named sources.

Original article: Apple Watch 2: rumors of new watch

Article from November 20, 2015: The first Apple Watch was announced over a year ago and has been available since mid-April 2015. But as we are accustomed by Apple, a new version of the device is looming. Unfortunately, we will get to see the new Smartwatch will most likely not until next year. We collect all the information about the Apple Watch 2 and very curious face of the publication.

New design?

The design is probably the most important point of any device you obviously wear on the body. A Smartphone disappears anyway a great period of time in the Pocket. The Apple Watch want to be seen in contrast and is worn on the wrist. Therefore, also the design of the Apple Watch of the first generation not to all the people has arrived as well. The biggest gripe: The Apple Watch looks almost like a conventional watch. The other companies such as Huawei Huawei watch or Motorola with the 360 have better resolved. Because these devices have a round display. Here is an overview of all Smartwatches.
Is Apple in the Watch 2 install a round display and completely overboard throw the design of the first version? Rather unlikely. Apple is to stay for this known at least two years at a design. See iPhone 3 G / 3GS… iPhone 4 / 4s… iPhone 5 / 5s… iPhone 6 / 6S. That’s why the surmise that the design remains largely the same. Quite possible that the third version of the Apple Watch Gets a round display. Delighted, I would be happy. Several designers have tried to make a round Apple Watch also own. She like me better than the original.


One of the biggest criticisms of the Apple Watch was the relatively small battery, it comes with just about the day. Many users would therefore a larger battery or hardware is the Sepcial. Hope you can of course, unfortunately there is still no information to a larger battery in the Apple Watch 2.

Apple Watch with FaceTime camera

There is hardly a new Apple device that comes without a new selling point on the market. Of course, usually a faster processor and other hardware is installed in subsequent models. The iPhone 6 s, the selling point, however, was 3D-Touch. The new technology makes the Smartphone special and stand out against the iPhone 6. At the new Apple Watch that could be “New” a FaceTime camera be, which is housed at the top of the clock. So you could make video calls without to sit on the MacBook or iPhone or iPad in hand to hold.

Less depending on the iPhone

The new Apple Watch should receive also a new Wi-Fi chip which ensures that the clock will be self-sufficient. So it should be for example possible to search the Smartwatch about a service, such as “Find my Phone”. Also, the user even without iPhone music to can listen, look at photos and pay by Apple pay.The main functions are handled but still about the iPhone. Synchronizing media files and reception of SMS must be getting the iPhone in Bluetooth range. Who wants an Apple Watch with an integrated LTE module, have to wait unfortunately even further.

When will the Apple Watch 2?

The production of second generation should be gone already. Nevertheless, we will get until next year at the hands of the clock. According to some sources, the launch should be 2016 in the second quarter. And whether the next clock from Apple on the name “Apple Watch 2” or “the new Apple Watch” sound is still in the stars.